Software Programmer Cover Letter - Template and Format

The HR Manager ,
XYZ Co. Ltd.
Khirki, Sector 2,

Sub: Cover Letter – Software Programmer

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing in response to your job notification for the position of Software Programmer on ABC site.

I am working as a software developer for XYZ Co. Ltd for the last 4 years and happy to mention some of my achievements in this role:

- Developed new code for a high volume, web-based loan origination and maintenance application for loans; wrote several business layer COM objects in VB5 and VB.Net (2010)
- Wrote mySQL procedures for Microsoft SQL Server and PL/SQL stored procedures for Oracle.
- Developed websites for clients from scratch including determining client needs, designing architecture and delivering on time and to budget.

I’m well versed with:

- Writing codes, testing and troubleshooting programs by utilizing the appropriate hardware, database, and programming technology.
- Refining data and formating final product.
- Modifying programs and making approved changes by amending flow charts, detailed programming logic, and coding changes.
- Analyzing client/server and micro-computer based software solutions as per the requirements.

Please find my detailed CV for your consideration. Should you need any more details, please do let me know.

Thanking you for your time and looking forward to hear from you.


Sandhya Singh

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