Software translation is slower and less accurate than human translation.

Software translation is slower and less accurate than human translation. Do you agree?

Effective means of communication is the key to success. The line is a cliché but demonstrates a very true fact. Globalization has led to increasing trade and it has also brought people from various parts of the world closer. Since the medium of communication is through a language, it is essential that a common language is there for a good greater understanding between people of various nationalities.

Reams of documents, exchange of words between officials of different countries or even business meetings between people of countries having no common language are all solved using the help of either interpreter or translation software. The demand for intepretators and translators has been consistently increasing since the last few decades.

Since businesses outsource a large part of the translation work, some work is also done using translation software while the rest is managed by human beings in the various offices that are set up in the country.

Various websites have started translation services since they began witnessing huge demand from companies abroad. Search engine giant Google’s translation services have already become popular for millions of people especially because it provides translation completely free of cost. However, if one were to delve deeply into the translation done through these sites, it is clear that the translation is not perfect. In fact, there are several grammatical and logical errors which occur when translation is done using software. A software translator is also slow and takes time to give a translated version whereas a human beings translation is much quicker.

On the other hand, human beings have the remarkable ability to learn and speak multiple languages. A human beings’ understanding of any language and its culture can result in better translation than any software. Besides this, a person can provide detailed explanation while translating whereas translation software merely interprets everything verbatim instead of applying much logic. Sports, politics, beauty pageants, BPO’s amongst many others rely on human being for translation whereas simple software which would come at a onetime purchase cost can meet their requirement. The reason is that human translation is considered to be precise and easily understood by everyone.

While machines and internet may be able to solve most of the problems and also facilitate many tasks for us, the basic understanding or ability to communicate clearly and effectively with others may best be only managed by humans.
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