Some good animation schools in Pune

Can you tell us about some good animation schools in Pune, India?

Two of the most popular animation schools in Pune are-

- Reliance Animation Studio – This chain of schools is owned by Reliance umbrella which is the parent company for BIG Pictures and BIG Animation. There are 22 schools of this company all over India.

The school provides a degree, diploma and certificate course in animation and films along with Visual effect and films.

- DSK Supinfocom – This school is a joint venture between DSK and Supinfocom, animation school of France.

It offers degrees in industrial design, video games and animation.

Symbiosis Institute of Design also offers a course in animation but it is not as exhaustive as the courses offered by two institutes listed above. In its four year
Bachelor’s degree programme, the candidate can choose animation film design or video film design.
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