Sonata Software Selection Procedure

Sonata Software Selection Procedure

Sonata Software Company has laid its hands in the field of IT consulting and software services being provided globally. Sonata has its headquarters located in Bangalore along with offices spread across globally in cities like U.S., Europe, Middle – East and Asia Pacific. Sonata’s services range from

• IT Consulting
• Product Engineering Services
• Application Management
• Application Development
• Business Intelligence
• Infrastructure Management
• Managed Testing
• Travel Solutions and
• Packaged Applications

The Sonata Selection Procedure consists of 3 rounds, starting with a written test followed by a technical test and the HR round of interview. The written test consists of aptitude question that cover the topics of General Mathematics, Verbal Ability and Analytical and Logical Questions. The questions in this section are multiple choice questions.

The second round is that of the technical round, which consists of questions covering topics C and C++ and a few questions on output of the given programs. Once you clear both these rounds, you then qualify for the HR round of interview which focusses on the attitude and problem solving skills of the candidate.

Some of the questions asked in the HR interview round in previous years are :

• Describe yourself, apart from the details mentioned in your CV.

• Tell me 4 of your strengths and weaknesses?

• How do you plan to overcome your weaknesses’?

• Have you failed in doing something and hold regrets for the same?

• What made you choose our company?

• What qualities do you hold that will benefit the company by hiring you?

• Don’t you think you are over qualified for this position?

• Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

• Which is your dream company and job profile to work with?

• If not in this field, which field would you have chosen for?

• How well will you be able to perform under stressful conditions?

• Who has been your role model and why?

• What changes will you bring about in the company if we hire you?

• Will you be able to work on weekends and in late night shifts as well?

• Will you be comfortable relocating or a travelling profile?

• How will you convey your thoughts to your senior who is bent upon an idea to be implemented and
You think that the idea will not work?

• Which creativity points do you hold?

• How many hours can you work effectively?

• Do you ever think of starting your own business?

• How much salary are you expecting from us?

• Will you continue to work if you won crore rupees in a lottery?

• Have you heard anything negative about our company?
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  • Hi Team,

    I have experience in Manual Testing and Automation Concepts.
    Worked in Regression and Functional Testing also experience in System Testing, Integration Testing, User Testing etc..
    Have good knowledge in writing Test Cases, Test Plans, STLC and SQL.