Space Exploration - A waste of money

Space Exploration - A waste of money

Space Exploration - A waste of money. Do you agree or disagree? Provide your reasons.

Currently, one of the most important issues in the world is waste of resources –natural as well as monetary resources. The world economy today faces a challenging situation due to big disparity between the developed, developing and under developed nations. The problems of a growing population are manifold with immense pressure on the available natural resources.

It is well-known fact that some rich countries spend billions on space exploration, sending costly satellites while people in poor countries suffering from diseases, malnutrition and acute starvation. Opinions are divided as to whether the high cost on space adventures is waste of money or beneficial to mankind. However it is my firm belief that money should be also spent on extremely significant issues as mentioned below.

First of all, we must address this kind of man made problems which led to the waste of money. A lot of people take to vices like alcoholic drinks, smoking and so on. Research indicates that today half the men and quarter of the women smoke in the world and sizeable number of them die from tongue and lung cancer. In India and several developing countries there is a big shortage of food and water which leads to starvation, malnutrition in kids and deaths. Lot of villages doesn’t have schools to educate children and there is a dearth of proper medical centers and sanitation facilities for people.

There is a big contrast where on one side people suffer from starvation while others overeat and suffer from
Obesity. On one side people have electricity for 24 hours while others spend their lives in darkness. Similarly though we may pride ourselves in the use of latest electronic gadgets and communication facilities a lot of villages do not have even proper roads or a basic telephone connection. In short there is a big void between the haves and have-nots.

There is no denying that efforts should be made to know more about the universe and its hidden mysteries. Countries have been spending billions to make rapid advancements in space technology, sending astronauts, communication satellites and to explore other planets. But it equally important to spend lots of money and effort to help the poor sections of people on our planet and ensure that get a decent living. Ignorance to problems leads to more social and political issues which affect everybody.

While investing in this kind of very expensive research which at times might not be futile it would be great if the money would be invested in medical research to eradicate serious illness. Hence in conclusion, I strongly feel that a balanced approach is needed to use funds for scientific advancement like space research and also for tackling grave humanitarian issues faced by large sections of the poor and under privileged class.
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  • it only has reason 1 star
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  • While striking a balance is important but research work can't be stopped. It requires fund but it works for the betterment of mankind. There are many pros in such exploration, today we can send satellites to monitor our ecosystem that alert us before nature's disruption and save many lives. All these technologies are borne out of research work. Yes, such explorations makes a big hole in the pocket but let's not equate then as expense, they are investment that can unleash many resources for future generation.
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  • Its ok if every human being can get a social security payout of $2500 per month until they die.
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  • Exploring space is highly interesting and the mind gets filled up with curiosity, just by the thought of space exploration. But when we try to analyse with a peaceful mind, we happen to spend billions of crores of rupees behind the space outside the earth. The actual information that we gather from such an expensive mission is not worth enough.

    When we try to think of the economic status of the developing and under developed countries, we can justify the term “waste” that we spend on outside world. Even if ten per cent the amount is spent on the poor people residing in this world, unable to earn their living and provide a healthy life to their family, we can reduce much of the diseases, especially due to malnutrition and unhygienic surrounding. This in turn will save a lot that is spent on the medical facilities.

    This does not mean that we don’t require to gain knowledge of the happenings in the universe. It is definitely of much importance as the information has given birth to many scientific inventions and innovations. We just need to limit the expenditure done on this study, so as to concentrate on more serious issues related to the living mankind within this planet as first place.
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  • Space Exploration: A waste of money.

    Do you agree or disagree? Provide your reasons.


    Space exploration is all about moving to new, unchartered territory and learning more about the final frontier. On a more prosaic note, it has a great value for the future of mankind. The mark of human civilization is its ability to explore space and learn more about its surroundings. If we lose our scientific curiosity, it will strike a big blow to the very foundation of human existence. The mark of space exploration is to increase the technological sophistication of our civilization. Without exploration of space, we would not have learnt about solar flares or meteors. It is critical for us to think about the importance of the world as it stands in relation to outer space if we ever want to solve the mystery of human existence. The mark of any civilization, whether ancient or modern is its knowledge about space and outer space. Space exploration is not a waste of money.


    As telescopes and space projects continue to explore the outer depths of the universe, spacecraft missions reveal the diversity of multiple worlds within the universe. The amazingly complex world we live in is nothing compared to the rich variety of the universe. Planets near us contain important clues about life and the birth of the universe. Space explorations are important for scanning the skies to learn more about dangerous meteorites and asteroids that could impact earth or destroy our satellites. We should have enough information about this so that we can divert a potential collision.

    Space explorations are a great way to inspire students to specialize in scientific careers. As society becomes more progressive and technologies advance, science has gained new importance. Space exploration is an exciting pursuit for students who want to inspire the world and discover new planets and solar systems. Space exploration projects are worth the money that is spent on them. A huge amount of money spent on space exploration is used for providing salaries to talented scientists and astronauts. These professionals come up with new theories regarding the age of the universe and interstellar space. Space exploration is all about discovering new technologies that can improve the status of human knowledge about the universe.

    Exploring the unknown is an important part of human evolution and development. When we crossed earlier stages of existence, nomadic tribes moved across the vast expanses of earth to establish countries and civilizations. The instinct to explore is still strong in the human race. Space exploration could give us valuable answers about whether we are alone in the universe and the true history of the creation of mankind. With such important answers at stake, it is not surprising that most developed nations have well developed space exploration programs and they are providing important information about the status of other planets and solar systems.
    Space exploration is the key to developing new technology which has widespread applications in many fields. Many talented scientists who come together have the best understanding of technology and all its applied aspects. Science has the capacity to solve many of mankind’s problems. Space exploration is the key to scientific development.


    There are many important questions that have confronted us since the beginning of time. Questions such as how our earth was created, are we alone in the universe, how life truly began and the age of the universe are some of the most compelling questions that have not been answered very effectively yet. Humans are becoming more inquisitive as the years pass. As we near new stages of evolution and growth, it is the mark of our scientific sophistication that we are able to gain such a deep understanding of the universe through space exploration. For greater chances of long-term survival, humans need to find other habitable planets and colonize space. Space exploration is an important means of getting there.