Specialisation courses in beauty care

Does specialisation course help in this industry? What all fields can I specialize in after completing a Diploma course in beauty Care?

Each day competition is increasing at a high pace in this industry. More and more students are opting for Courses in beauty care. To give yourself an edge over others a specialisation course in the field of your interest is recommended. It also gives u ample knowledge with brighter job prospects.

Following are a few popular fields that you can specialize in:

-Dietician- one who specialises in dietetics, advises diet charts, nutrition facts, weight loss programmes etc.

-Trichologist (hair care expert) – One who specialises in hair cutting, colouring, straightening, perming, extension, styling, smoothening, treats hair fall and hair implantation.

-Makeup Artist- One who specialises in all kinds of makeup like bridal, fashion, television, portfolio, ad-campaigns, films etc.

-Aroma Therapist- One who specialises in giving massages with the help of oils and herbal creams, plants and floral extracts. It works on senses of smell and touch.

-Spa Therapist- One who specialises in giving treatments that involve massage, wraps, detoxification, skin treatments. They use natural oils and hot and cold stones for the treatment.

-Nail Artist- One who specialises in Manicure, pedicure, nail art, and nail piercing, nail extensions etc.

-Electrologist- One who specialises in removal of unwanted hair permanently with the help of laser therapy and various machines.

-Tattoo and Mehendi expert- One who specialises in making body tattoos and Artistic Mehendi.
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