Specialisations in Jewellery Designing

Are there any specialisations that I can choose which fall under jewellery designing?

In order to gain specialisation in a particular field of jewellery designing you can choose from following courses:
- Electroplating: plating or covering raw jewellery with a layer of metals using electroplates and current.
- Goldsmith: one who specialises in making traditional jewellery.
- Anodizing: Another form of electroplating.
- Fashion Jeweller: One who designs jewellery for fashion industry.
- Manufacturer: one who has its own jewellery brand.
- Jewellery designer or artist: one who is responsible for giving new designs and ideas in the form of raw sketches
- Lapidary: one who sets precious or semi-precious stones in jewellery products.
- Repair Person: one who is an expert in fixing broken jewellery or accessories.

Few other areas are enamelling and silver smithing.
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