Specializations in Geography

What are the various specialized areas in which I can look for a job?

Many Government and non-government institutes along with research centres offers several career options for qualified geographers with numerous specializations. Some of the specialized areas are:

• Economic Geography: Economic geography is the study of geographic location, distribution and spatial organization of economic activities.

• Cultural Geography: It focuses on analysing the cultural factors.

• Political Geography: Political geography studies the relationship between the government and people, trades and treaties, political power, and boundaries.

• Historical Geography: Historical geography deals with all the physical, fictional, theoretical geographies of the past.

• Tourism Geography: Tourism geography is the study of travel and how the environment and its features help in the tourism aspects of a specified area.

• Transportation Geography: Transportation geography can be considered as a branch of economic geography which explores the spatial interaction or movement of goods, information and people.

• Regional Geography: Regional geography examines the exclusive characteristics of both the nature and human of a region.

• Medical Geography: Also known as the health geography, medical geography is the research on health and spread of diseases in the world. It also looks into how climate effect human's health.

• Geomorphology: It is the scientific study of landforms.

• Hydrology: Hydrology explores the water resources and water cycle.

• Glaciology: Glaciology is the study of different forms of ice which also includes the history and future of glaciers.

• Biogeography: It is all about the study of bio diversity of an area. The bio geographer learns about the harmony of life and its surroundings.

• Climatology: It deals with the study of weather conditions of the nation.
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