Spirituality in India is gaining ground

Spirituality in India is gaining ground

Spirituality has been an integral part of the ancient Indian tradition. Yoga, meditation, and ayurveda have been an intrinsic feature of Indian spirituality. Sometimes, it is mistakenly associated with religion. We must understand that spirituality in India is not connected with the Hindu religion. Hinduism is more of a way of life than an organized religion. As the ancient practises of yoga or ayurveda were developed by Indian sages much before other faiths were practised, it is associated with Hinduism.

India as a spiritual destination
Spirituality and religion are meant for two distinct purposes. The ritualistic practises of religion serve for reasons like brining about a disciplined way of worship, brining a unity within the community. Spirituality is for promoting the well being of the soul, or the spirit. India has always had its large share of god men and women, who, as spiritual leaders, claim to lead us to elusive peace of mind. They say they have understood the deeper meaning of life, and have been freed from coils of human bonding. Taken in by their aura, many people go to them to seek solutions for the several problems that plague them. However, most of these god men have been entangled in some kind of controversy or other.

India has attracted seekers from across the world for many years now. The Auroville ashram, Osho’s ashram, the Art of Living, and Sai Baba’s Prashantinilayam are a few examples centres of spirituality.

The Hindu/ancient Indian philosophy of spirituality is quite similar to the traditional American Indian philosophy of unity and harmony of man and nature. Indian sages have always treated animals with love and respect. All Indian deities are associated with one animal or the other. The practise of ayurveda identifies the medicinal properties of several plants, fruits, roots, and leaves. The branches of astrology, naadi astrology, oracle system common in South India (Velichapadu in Kerala, and Bhoota Kola in South Karnataka), have always fascinated people both in India, and outside.

Of late, more and more Indian youngsters are seeking a spiritual meaning in life. The reason for this could be because of an increase in expendable income, youth are confused with the meaning of happiness.


Sometimes in the midst of our chaotic life, we will feel lost and struggling. It is normal to feel this way. We should look at spirituality as a way to help us make sense of the chaos. It is essential that we seek answers from within. There will be someone or the other, who will appear on the way to guide us, but the quest is ours, and we should find our own way. We should not become overly dependent on any guru, and take their words literally.
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