Sports psychologists should find a place in IPL


- IPL is an extremely strenuous tournament and requires the players to stay fit and focused. Psychologists would help them to stay focused and pressure free.

- IPL is not only about cricket, it is an amalgamation of players, celebrities and entertainment. It goes on for so long that it becomes hectic.

- Young player are indulging into many illegal activities like match fixing and it becomes extremely important that they are in the right frame of mind and they should not be plunged into any such activities.

- Other leagues all around the world have sport psychos, and the way IPL is expanding and growing, there is need for them here as well.

- There is bound to be more pressure on the cricketers as they are evaluated on every performance, so sports psychology becomes important.


- Cricketers are trying to have fun, psychology prevents such fun. It’s a restriction.

- It would prevent them in indulging any fun activities which will stress them out. Thus, it would not let them to enjoy completely.

- Psychology requires working on the performance factors of a player which might make the players more stressed out.

- It would also mean interfering in the player’s personal life.
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