Starting a career as Fashion Choreographer

How can I start as a Fashion Choreographer after completing my course?
- Always try to build a powerful and influential Social Network. A social network is very useful in getting useful links. After the completion of the course, you can start as an intern under a professional choreographer to learn every iota of the trade. As an entrant, you will be at the very bottom of the ladder both in terms of income and reputation.

- You can approach local department stores and fashion stores to explore the depths of the field and know the ongoing trends in the market. Alternatively, you can also join boutique couture to capture the current likes and dislikes of the people. Above all the knowledge of different types of fabric and garment tailoring is priceless. The look of a fabric in a particular lighting arrangement and the manner in which the fabric is draped while model sashays down and electrifies the ramp is one of the major criteria determining the success of your event. This will gain you the very initial experience which is required to kick start your career.

- Once you gain experience and add lustre to your skills, you can start working with established designers and industry adroit and experts. You can move to higher positions and can start working for and working with celebrated fashion icons.

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