Steps For Benefit of Common Road Users by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Steps For Benefit of Common Road Users by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Question : Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has taken numerous steps for the benefit of common road users. Discuss these briefly.

• A web portal has been launched to provide information for road users:

- Regarding toll plazas on national highway
- Users fee rates for the same
- This data can be accessed through mobile phone and SMS through the web portal

• Electronic toll collection system launched on main routes such as Delhi-Mumbai will be operationalised this year

• Other steps to improve facilities for common road users include:
- Weigh-in Motion Bridge (WIM),
- Automatic Vehicle Counter & Classifier (AVCC) System,
- CCTV Surveillance System at NH Toll Plazas,
- Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier [ATCC] systems and
- e-Tendering.

• CIRT Pune has developed a camera based automatic driving system called IDTS or Innovative Driving Test System; this is being used in Pune and set up in Chandigarh as well

• The ministry has also launched a web portal INAM PRO platform for infrastructure and materials providers

• This will act as a common platform for providers for infrastructure materials

• 100% success has been achieved by NIC for deployment of Core Scheme/Product for Vehicle Registration/VAHAN and Driving Licenses SARATHi across the nation

• Web enabled architecture is being used to provide ease of service, security and maintenance

Facts and Stats

• RAHI or Roadways and Highways Information System provides citizen centric services in real time on roads and highways using ICT infrastructure in an integrated way

• Other major initiatives launched by the government include:

- Road Asset Management System,
- Vehicle Tracking System and
- Real Time Toll Data Management.
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