Steps Taken to Boost Cold Chain System Capacity

Steps Taken to Boost Cold Chain System Capacity

Question: The National Cold Chain Summit organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce was recently held in Gangtok. Highlight the steps taken recently to boost the cold chain system capacity in the country.

• Government is addressing the challenges of inadequate infrastructure resulting in huge wastage, undue benefits to middlemen at cost of farmers remuneration and on

• It aims to develop an efficient cold chain infrastructure for linking the farmer to the consumer seamlessly

• Scheme for Cold Chain, Value Addition and Preservation Infrastructure aims at providing financial assistance up to INR 10 crore for entrepreneurs

• Government has recently approved 138 integrated cold chain products including 30 new cold chain projects sanctioned for implementation attracting an investment of INR 470 crores and 108 projects under the aegis of the ministry

• 52 of the projects ave attained completion and commenced with commercial operations

• Operationalisation of the 138 projects will lead to the following capacity creation:
- 4.76 lakh million tonnes of Cold Storage, Controlled Atmosphere/Modified Atmosphere storage, Deep Freezer
- 1.85 MT per hour of IQF/Individual Quick Freezing
- 118.05 lakh litres per day of milk processing storage
- 810 reefer carriers

• RBI has also recently classified loan to food and agro processing units and coal chain under priority sector lending under agriculture activities subject to aggregate sanctioned limit of INR 100 crore per borrower

• It will provide greater flow of credit to entrepreneurs in the food processing sector and attract investment here

• Investor’s portal has also been developed to inform stakeholders about state specific resource potential, policy support as well as fiscal incentives for investors in this sector

Facts and Stats

• India is one of the largest producers of milks, fruits and vegetables in the world

• It also leads in production of meat and poultry as well as marine products. There is urgent need to create adequate cold chain capacity to prevent wastage of resources and produce
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