Steps Taken to Minimise Taxpayer Inconvenience

Steps Taken to Minimise Taxpayer Inconvenience

Question: Governance that improves the ease of functioning of public citizens is an exceptional kind. Elaborate in the context of recent measures taken for increasing taxpayer convenience

- With the aim to minimise the cost of compliance of taxpayers, the government has taken many measures through the CBDT namely:

- Online application for PAN and TAN allotment

- Single page challan for tax payment through authorised banks

- Online payment of taxes and online viewing of tax credits

- Online filling of return of income and return of TDS

- Centralised processing of returns and electronic intimation of orders

- Direct credit of refunds up to limit to bank account of tax payer through ECS and refund from banker to taxpayer directly

- Online filling regarding rectification of application

- Facility of Tax Return Preparers for assisting tax payer for return of income or TDS

- Establishment of Aayakar Seva Kendra Centres in many locations for providing single window service delivery platform

- Reducing the time taken to pay taxes and streamlining the process are some of the other steps taken to enhance taxpayer convenience

Facts and Stats

- Tax payer can verify return through Internet Banking or Aadhaar based authentication process

- Facility for generating EVC or Electronic Verification Code has been provided on e-filing website of the department

- EVC will be sent to registered tax payers
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