Steps To Cut Down on Air Pollution

Steps To Cut Down on Air Pollution

Question: Environmental pollution is causing a huge rise in respiratory diseases apart from poisoning the ecology. Discuss the steps taken by the GoI to cut down on air pollution.

- Environmental pollution causes respiratory diseases and impacts lung functions

- Government has taken several steps to contain environmental pollution, especially air pollution:

- Notification of National Ambient Air Quality Standards 2009 envisaging 12 polluting agents

- Formulation of regulation and statutes

- Establishing of monitoring network for assessing ambient air quality

- Introduction of cleaner or alternate fuel such as CNG, LPG and so on

- Promotion of public transport network including metro

- Creation of infrastructure for controlling industrial pollution through cleaner production techniques and establishment of common pollution control facilities

- Clean India Mission or Swacchh Bharat Abhiyan has been promoted and launched

- Draft rules for solid waste management have been put in public domain for comments from stakeholders

- Standards for sewage treatment plants has been notified for comments of stakeholders

- Bharat Stage IV norms have been implemented in 63 select cities while Bharat Stage III norms have been implemented in the rest of the country

- There is a ban on burning leaves/biomass

- Stringent industrial standards have been formulated and GoI has accorded high priority for public partnership in lane discipline, car pooling, PUC and vehicle maintenance

Facts and Stats

Of 2800 major industries, online continuous monitoring 24/7 has been installed by 920 industries
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