Steps to Promote Energy Efficiency in Varanasi

Steps to Promote Energy Efficiency in Varanasi

Question: Any city in India must focus on use of renewable energy for sustainable infrastructure development. Discuss the recent steps taken to promote energy efficiency in the pilgrim city of Varanasi.

• The Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme and LED based Smart Street Light Programme have been initiated in Varanasi

• Government has also pledged to lower energy usage by 10,000 MW at peak hours through the use of LED lights

• The replacement of conventional street lights with LEDs all save capital investment for municipal bodies

• EESL will replace 36,0777 conventional street lights with energy efficient, smart LED lights across the nation at its own cost

• Over course of 5 to 7 years, savings in energy and maintenance cost will accrue

• Under the purview of DELP, every household will have connected load lower than or equal to 2KW with up to 5 to 7 watt high quality LED bulbs at initial payment of INR 10 followed by INR 110 over 11 months from electricity bills

• Household can purchase LED bulb at overall cost of 120 as against retail price of INR 350 to 600 along with 3 year free replacement warranty

• This will benefit each household to the tune of INR 162 per year and exceed the INR 120 purchase cost per LED

Facts and Stats

• Central and State Government along with Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a public sector entity under Ministry of Power distributed 13 lakh LED bulbs to 2,28,496 Domestic Consumers

• Combined impact of the two initiatives will save Varanasi around 104 million kWh annually

• This is a saving of INR 68 crore per year
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