Studying law from a foreign university - destinations, details and prospects

Studying law from a foreign university – destinations, details and prospects

Is it beneficial to take up law degree overseas? Which are the main foreign law college destinations? What do I need to do to study law in the US? Also, please throw some light on the career scope for students who have pursued law outside India?

Yes, it is as it provides you with a job advantage in the expanding market. Studying law abroad can give students a grasp of the international issues and an understanding of business beyond India. Studying abroad in a different culture helps a student develop and exhibit his skills.

Students who wish to pursue law abroad, have a few wonderful destinations. They are the US, the UK, Hong Kong , Singapore and Australia. If Indian students wish to work after studies, the US and the UK are important for overseas work.

Pursuing law from the Birmingham University is very helpful as it provides the students with practical learning, teaching methods, employability skills training , active career placement and counselling.

To study in the US, the candidate should pursue a regular college degree for 4 years and then take up the Juris Doctor (JD) program in law. If you wish to take up JD, you are required to clear the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) and TOEFL( Test of English as Foreign Language) scores.

Indians who have pursued bachelor's in law abroad are qualified to enroll as advocates with BCI (Bar Council of India) only after regularly pursuing the course for a period not less than 3 yrs. The course should have been pursued from a university recognized by the BCI. Candidate should pass the exam conducted by the BCI for substantive and procedural law subjects.
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