Subjects to study in Public Relations

What are the subjects that I have to study while doing a course in Public Relation?

A public relations course is intended to provide you with skills like public speaking and understanding the listener’s psychology to smoothly facilitate useful exchange of information. But, there still has to be some guidelines that need to be followed to a large extent for understanding and communicating with human beings. The syllabus is generally designed to enhance communication skills amidst technologies. The course content of a typical Public Relations course would overall include the following:

1. Introduction to Public Communication
2. History of Print Media in India
3. Electronic Media and Photography
4. Advertising Research
5. International communication and Human Rights
6. Role of Information Technology in Public Relations
7. Study of human needs and psychology

Depending upon the college that you apply into, the course content would obviously vary. Most of the subjects would be a subset of any of the above mentioned content.
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