Sushil or Saina- Who deserves Padma Bhushan more?

Sushil or Saina- Who deserves Padma Bhushan more?


The Union sports ministry must have had a hard time selecting between Saina Nehwal and Sushil Kumar for Padma Bhushan award 2015. The sports ministry recommended Sushil Kumar's name for the award upsetting Saina who expressed her grief on the matter. The recommendation application was sent by Badminton Association of India in favour of Saina but the Union ministry took the decision in favor of Sushil. This brings to the debate of who is more eligible for Padma Bhushan award 2015.

Saina deserves the award:

1. Olympic bronze medalist Saina is more eligible for Padma Bhushan than Sushil because of her sparkling performance and achievements last year. Sushil has nothing more to show for last year except a gold medal in Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

2. Sushil won the Padma Shree in 2011. The ministry of home affair states that there had to be a gap of five years between two Padma awards to the same person. By this rule Sushil can't be eligible for it till next year. His recommendation is against the norms. Thus, Saina is more eligible for the award than Sushil.

3. She bagged gold medal in commonwealth games 2010 and to top it up, being honored with such a great award could have been her biggest motivation, encouraging her push ahead of her efficiency to win more medals bringing pride to India's performance internationally.

4. Olympic bronze medallist Saina received the Arjuna award in 2009. She also received Khel Ratna and Padma Shree in 2010 making her more eligible for this honor as well.

5. She was bestowed with wins last year at the Indian Open, Australian Open Super Series, and the China Open Super Series. She also won two bronze medals. If achievements are not enough for recommending her name for the country's third highest civilian honor, then what else is? She rightfully deserves to be honored with this award.

6. Nehwal is one of the greatest badminton players who have brought home pride and respect encouraging Indians to chase their dreams of being a sportsperson. It is only fair that Saina should have been recommended for the honor than instead of anyone else.

Sushil is no less deserving:

1. The wrestling star Sushil kumar won bronze and silver at the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympics. Considering his better performance, he is in every way eligible for Padma Bhushan. This year both Sushil kumar and Wrestling Federation of India, that applied for Sushil are confident of getting the award.

2. If it has to be discussed on the ground of 'highly deserving', Sushil is more eligible than Saina. He won gold medal in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games as well. Two times Olympian and a medal winner, Sushil deserves to be selected based on his merit.

3. The sports ministry recommended Sushil's name for Padma Bhushan considering his eligibility. No questioned should be raised about his eligibility for getting this honor. It is the duty and most importantly passion of every sportsperson to play and win medals for the country. Saina should not oppose ministry's decision to recommend Sushil.

4. Badminton Association of India applied for recommending Saina for Padma Bhushan. Recently retired India's Test captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni also deserves the award. This can also create another controversy. The ministry should decide whom to be recommended. Sushil is recommended because of his achievements and ability and there is no denying that he is eligible.

5. Two time Olympic medalist Sushil kumar is one of the star athletes of our country. The rule to five year gap should be relaxed in case of outstanding players. Sushil is the most deserving candidate for Padma Bhushan award. Every two sportsperson hailing from different fields of sports cannot be compared on their eligibility.


Saina Nehwal is more eligible than Sushil Kumar for Padma Bhushan award 2015 as according to 'five year gap' rule, Sushil can't be eligible for the honor for he won Padma Shree in 2011. Saina won padma award in 2010 and she is eligible for the award. She deserves to be considered for the country's third highest civilian honor. Vijender Singh also forwarded his application for Padma Bhushan on Monday and it has now become three way fights between Saina, Sushil and Singh. Saina concluded that she never demanded for the award. She just wanted to know why her name was not nominated. Her case should be recommended to the Ministry of Home affairs as a special case and she must get an answer to the question she raised.
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  • RE: Sushil or Saina- Who deserves Padma Bhushan more? -Neetu Ram (01/08/15)
  • I think both players are the legend of their own field. But Sushil deserve it because he is the single indian player to win to olympics medals in history of India.
  • RE: Sushil or Saina- Who deserves Padma Bhushan more? -Deepa Kaushik (01/08/15)
  • Not only Sushil and Saina, there would be more players who have achieved in their respective sports and the board might feel them deserving to be honoured with the much prestigious Padma Bhushan award. It depends on the board as to how far they encourage and support their players and extend their gratitude by promoting their name to the selection committee.

    Now the two personalities in comparison here – Sushil and Saina, both belong to different sports and it is very important to consider the popularity and exposure of the sports event internationally. We can well understand the number of tournaments being held for badminton and wrestling on the international front. We cannot simply count the number of medals won by both the players on the past one year to find them eligible for the Padma award. The occasion on which the award is won and the position in the contest also matters equally.

    Finding Sushil more eligible by the selection committee is a decision that needs to be honoured. We cannot have be on the topmost position forever. Not every player be placed into the recommendation sheet for Padma award. And we cannot deny the efficiency of Sushil Kumar to get nominated for the Padma award. Thus, rather than discussing and discouraging the players for not getting through, we should ideally encourage them for being on top of many others and boost their spirit to work more efficiently to get through the award in coming years.