Sutherland - technical placement paper

Sutherland - technical placement paper

1. ISDN works on which technology?

A. Digital
B. Analog
C. Both Digital and Analog
D. Neither

2. Typically, an ideal CD-ROM holds what amount of data?

A. 500 MB
B. 650 MB
C. 350 MB
D. 1000 MB

3. CD-ROM audio cable is connected normally to the?

A. Sound Card
B. Hard Disk
D. Speaker
4. Which of these is the simplest way of making a bootable floppy?

A. Use the system c:a:/bootup command
B. Buying one
C. Start ? Settings ? Control Panel ? System ? Create Start Up disk
D. None

5. A problem appears while opening his attachments in emails, attachment automatically disappears and hence gives rise to an application error. What could have possibly brought this problem?

A. Incorrect settings in case of config.sys
B. A falsely loaded e-mail program
C. Improper loading of autoexec.bat
D. A bad virus

6. What is the most probable cause of modem not being able to pick up a dial tone?

A. Defect in phone line
B. ISP down
C. Model being set for tone dial
D. Modem is set on the mode “disable call waiting”

7. In a system which comprises of 1 hard drive and 1 CD ROM what is the best representative placement of the CD-ROM drive?

A. Slave Drive mounted on primary IDE Channel
B. Master Drive mounted on primary IDE Channel
C. Master Drive mounted on secondary IDE Channel
D. Slave Drive mounted on secondary IDE Channel

8. Which command is used to restore the backup copy of an entry in DOS?


9. What conversion can take place while operating Windows 98?

A. FAT 16 to FAT 32 and vice versa
B. FAT 16 to FAT 32 but reverse is not possible
C. FAT 32 to FAT 16
D. FAT 16 to NTFS

10. Physical structure inside any sort of bootable hard disk must contain?

C. Data Structure
D. File Structure

11. Which of the subsequent devices can you relate with an AGP slot?

A. External Storage Disk
B. Video Card
C. Serial Port

12. Which type of connector do you use in analog modems?

B. RJ 11
C. RJ 45

13. Consider the following scenario:

A customer has purchased an additional hard disk and subsequently added it to his existing PC. 1st hard drive contains a primary type partition and along with it an extended partition. This extended partition is further subdivided into D and E, the two logical drivers. On installing the secondary hard drive, determine the drive letter which will be allocated to the first logic drive on the extended partition.

Assumption: Second hard disk has 1 primary partition and 1 logic drive on extended partition.

A. D
B. F
C. E
D. G

14. While operating, you have received a CMOS checksum error on the boot. Determine its most likely cause.
A. CMOS battery needs replacement
B. BIOS needs update
C. HDD files are not defined properly
D. Power failure

15. For booting which of these files is NOT required by DOS?


16. You discover that a client is having problem with his PC. You report at the house and are about to remove CPU Tower. What is the precautionary step you must take before opening up the CPU Tower?

A. Connect monitor and Wrist Strap to ground
B. Make sure ESD has been properly grounded
C. Switch off the power properly and plug out the power cord
D. Wear a wrist wrap to prevent ESD damage to monitor

17. To which port is keyboard connected?

A. PS/2
B. IEEE 1394
C. VGA Port
D. Parallel Port

18. Operating on Windows 95 from which control panel option can you form a startup disk?

A. Admin
B. Add/Remove Program
C. Network
D. System

19. What is the consequence of HDD failing and making a grinding noise?

A. Hard Drive goes to labor
B. Read/Write head has made contact with platter
C. Hard Drive is in power saver mode
D. Controller Fault

20. What should be the contents of IDE hard drive for an AGP slot?

A. Extended partition
B. Dynamic partition
C. Passive partition
D. Active partition

21. One you have replaced the CMOS battery from your PC what should be the next step?

A. FDisk
B. Reinstallation of OS
C. Setting date and time
D. None of the above

22. In windows 98 which utility is used for partitioning a new hard drive?

B. Format
C. Windows Explorer
D. Partition Manager

23. Which of these devices is connected to a parallel port?

A. Keyboard
B. Joystick
C. Mouse
D. Printer

24. Which of these is the latest connector on a printer interface?

B. Parallel
C. Serial

25. What is the most basic utility of a driver?

A. Telling OS about interaction with the device.
B. Modifying application programs so that they work properly with devices being attached to the system.
C. Improving the performance of devices installed by optimizing their access patterns
D. None of the above

26. Scan disk is used for checking and fixing what?

A. DVD ROM drives
B. CD ROM drives
C. Tape Drives
D. Hard Drives

27. Conventional memory is of how many KBs?

A. 1048 KB
B. 1024 KB
C. 256 KB
D. 512 KB

28. Firmware essentially represents which part of the PC?

C. Floppy Drive
D. Hard Drive

29. True or False:
If a computer is on “BIOS allow” state, you can boot from CD-ROM?
A. True
B. False

30. How many devices are functional on a single IDE channel?
A. 4
B. 3
C. 2
D. 1
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