Swachhta Udyami Yojana: Main Benefits

Swachhta Udyami Yojana: Main Benefits

Question: Good governance can secure social justice and put an end to manual scavenging. Discuss the main benefits of Swachhta Udyami Yojana, the policy to rehabilitate safai karamcharis.

- National Safai Karamcharis Finance and Development Corporation is implementing the Swachhta Udyami Yojana for rehabilitating safai karamcharis and identifying manual scavengers and their dependents

- This policy provides financial assistance in the form of loan at concession for building community toilets in PPP mode and procurement of sanitation related vehicles such as jetting machine, vacuum loader, garbage trucks and suction

- Up to INR 25 lakhs has been provided for establishing pay and use community toilets in PPP mode through this Yojana while up to INR 15 lakhs has been provided for procurement of sanitation related vehicles

- This scheme aims at easy accessibility of community latrines to households and floating population in public places densely populated

- Ensuring proper maintenance of facilities by entrepreneurs who have stakes in the ventures is another positive feature of this scheme

- Swachhta Udyami Yojana also aims at preventing the necessity of manual scavenging and tapping underutilised potential in infrastructure management

- It also aims at proper collection of garbage from the source

- The scheme also benefits by creating other employment opportunities for safai karamcharis/manual scavengers

Facts and Stats

- Scheme is implemented under PPP mode wherein the NSKFDC provides financial assistance through concessional loan rate of up to 90% of project cost and remaining 10 percent shared by state government/beneficiary

Eligibility under the scheme:

- Individual beneficiaries/ self-help groups, through State Channelizing Agencies (SCAs), in partnership with reputed organisations.

- Target group of Manual scavengers / Safai Karamcharis.

- Maximum subsidy of Rs.3.25 lacs in case of manual Scavengers under Self Employment Scheme for Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers (SRMS) in accordance with the "Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013.
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