Syntel aptitude placement paper

Going for a placement test at Syntel? Youshould prepare questions on basic aptitude like Area, Volume, Simple Interest, Trains, Boats, Time and Distances, Syrds, Numbers etc.
Some of the questions I faced in my test at Syntel are:

A man goes 50Km north , then turned left walked 40Km, then turned right ? In which direction he is?
a) North b) South c) East d) West

The age of the two friends were in the ration of 6:5. If the sum of their ages is 66. Then after how many years their ratio will become 7:6?
a) 11 b) 6 c) 10 d) 12

A person has to make 146 pieces of a long bar. He takes 4 seconds to cut a piece. What is the total time taken by him in seconds to make 146 pieces?
a) 584 b) 580 c) 730 d) 725

Find the H.C.F. of 2/3, 3/9, 16/81 and 10/27.
a) 2/81 b) 80/3 c) 2/67 d) 3/19

The least number of 4 digits which is perfect square is:
a) 1100 b) 1200 c) 1024 d) None

If you prepare these type of questions, it is not difficult to get through this round.
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