Syntel Placement Experience & Process for Freshers - 2016

Syntel Inc. is a U.S. based multinational provider of integrated technology and business services. It is headquartered in Troy, Michigan.

Bharat Desai and Neerja Sethi are the founder of Syntel in 1980. Syntel is a certified minority owned business (MBE). The company is led by the CEO and President Rakesh Khanna, who was appointed on November 3, 2016.

Syntel visited our college for the campus recruitment process. There were 300 students who participated in the process.

The selection process carried out by them:

1. Written Test
2. GD
3. Technical
4. HR Round

All rounds were eliminatory rounds.

1. Written Test

Written test included three subjects - quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning and english.

Each section consisted of 20 questions and total time given was 1 hour.

The difficulty level was easy, so around 280 students got shortlisted for next round.

2. GD

In this round we were divided among 40 groups (7 members in each group). Topic given to our group was “Is Science boon or bane?”

Other topics were:
  • Which company is superior - MNC or Indian?
  • Beauty contest (Miss World, Miss Universe) are accepted in Indian culture.
  • Education system in India.
  • Is China threat to India?
Only 60 students got selected from this round.

3. Technical

A form was given to us in which we had to self rate on the various languages we know.

Some basic questions asked by interviewer were:
  • Write a C program of Fibonacci series.
  • What are recursion and one example program?
  • What are OOPs concept?
  • What is polymorphism?
  • About academic projects.
After interview we were asked to wait in the classroom for 30 minutes.

4. HR Round

Interview with HR representative went smooth and easy. Questions asked were basic.

As I have mentioned reading books and travelling as my hobbies in the resume, she asked me some questions relatively.

Finally, 45 students were shortlisted for the company.

Tips that will help you in the placement process:
  • The company mostly focussed on group discussion. So, prepare well for the GD referring to social and current issues.
  • Practice in front of the mirror to improve your communication skills for GD round.
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