Syntel technical interview questions for placement

Syntel technical interview questions for placement

Selection Procedure consists of 3 rounds:

1. Written
2. GD (Group Discussion)
3. Technical HR

Written Test consists of 2 sections:

Aptitude and Reasoning: 25 Questions

Verbal Ability: 20 Questions

1. Pick the word which can be formed using the word “PREDICTION”


2. Choose the phrase which completes the sentence best:

Anil joined this institution __________________

A. When he was sixteen years
B. When sixteen years he became
C. At the age of sixteen
D. None

3. This question has 4 statements. Each statement further is divided into 3 segments. You have to choose the statement where the third statement can be presumed with the help of both the statements, not one of them.

1. No monsters laugh, some monsters who laugh are demons, some of the demons are not monsters.
2. Some crazy guys are guitarists, all crazy guys are singers, and some singers are guitarists.
3. All entertainers are full of color, some entertainers don’t sing, some singers are not full of color.
4. Football players occasionally bet, the players who bet are given punishment, those who are punished are not football players.

A. A and B
B. C only
C. A and D
D. A only

4. Arjun is younger than Aryan, Akash is younger than Akshay and Akshay is as old as Aryan then deduce which of the following statements holds true?

A. Akash is younger than Arjun
B. No relation can be made within the ages of Akash and Arjun
C. Arjun is as old as Akash
D. Arjun is younger than Akash

5. In a particular code if $ means add, * means subtract then what is the value of expression mentioned below:


A. – 45
B. – 25
C. 30
D. 10

Choose the best alternative for the underlined part to make the sentence more meaningful:
6. In this middle age even he put working hard as a top priority.

A. Even in this middle age
B. None
C. In this middle age even
D. In this middle age too

7. Of the three forces of armed services, Air Force has been more favoured one in recent times.
A. Has been the more favoured
B. Has been the most favoured one
C. Has been favoured more one
D. Has been most favoured one

8. We are looking forward to see you again.
A. Forward to see
B. Forward to be seen
C. Forward to seeing
D. Forward to seen

9. Read the points carefully and then answer the question accordingly.
I. A,B,C,D,E, F and G all are standing on a balcony and all are facing towards east
II. C is standing exactly right next of D
III. B is standing at an extreme and E is his neighbour
IV. G stands between E and F
V. D is standing at the third position from the opposite end.
Which pair is sitting at extremities?

10. Consider this question. There is one main statement followed by 4 other statements labelled as 1, 2, 3 and 4. Choose the pair where first statement implies second statement and both of them are constant in logical terms with the main statement.

Main Statement: Whenever Ajay goes to Shimla, he noticed a rainbow.

1. Ajay does not go to Shimla
2. Ajay does not notice a rainbow
3. Ajay noticed a rainbow
4. Ajay goes to Shimla

B. AB and CD

11. What day of the week will be 28th March 2023?

A. Thursday
B. Wednesday
C. Tuesday
D. Sunday

The following pair of words are followed by 4 other pairs mentioned below, choose the pair which resembles this the most:

A. Bank : Cashier
B. Remarks : Insult
C. Writing : Plagiarism
D. Radiation : Bomb


A. Foil : Toil
B. Custom : Solemn
C. Old: Habit
D. Story : Epic


A. Journey: Bus
B. Repair: Mechanic
C. Textbook: Co-writer
D. Legislation: Parliament

15. A new circus is in the town and it has 5 main entertainers, A, B, C, D and E. Major attractions of this circus are a firewalker, a card player and the joker. E is husband of one of the members of circus and they are the only married couple. B is C’s brother. B is not the fire walker neither is he the joker. No women of the circus are card player of joker. A and D are unmarried and they are not firewalker, joker or card player. Who is E’s wife?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

16. Arrange the below mentioned sentence in a meaningful order:

1. Which naturally lacks in certainty
2. But the theory in itself is appealing
3. Though there have been many theories with no application
4. Application of art form successfully is pleasant

A. 4 2 3 1
B. 2 4 3 1
C. 3 4 1 2
D. 1 2 3 4

17. In a certain code, if you write METRO as NGWVT, what will you call MANGO?


18. A bag contains 34 balls, out of these 34 one of the balls has a weight of 4 grams rest all weight 5 grams. You have a simple balance, where you can keep the balls on either side. What is the minimum number of weighs needed to discover the ball that is defective?

A. 5
B. 3
C. 7
D. 4

19. Consider the following series:
1 8 W R A 4 Z 9 H T Q 7 S 4 U 5 V 2
If you reverse the second half of this series and then alphabets are thrown out of the series. What will then be the 4th number of this series?

A. 8
B. 9
C. 1
D. 7
20. X father’s grandson’s grandfather’s brother’s daughter’s husband’s mother in law is related to X as his/her?

A. Uncle
B. Aunt
C. Cousin
D. Mother

21. From the mentioned 4 options, choose the odd one out:

A. Debonair
B. Decent
C. Debutante
D. Decadent


There is no written technical paper in Synthel, however Technical Interview is an important aspect to be considered. Questions generally asked during Technical round are:

1. Explain ACID properties.

2. Name different OSI layers and explain them

3. What is cardinality?

4. Explain normalisation.

5. Explain all the possible types of sorting with examples ( Tip: Include all Selection, Bubble, Heap, Intersection, Quick, Merge sorting)

6. How good are you when it comes to System programming?

7. Explain different types of topology. Draw them.

8. Explain S/W development cycle. Draw it.

9. What is RAD?

10. Explain the concept of Deadlock.

11. Explain Round Robin Scheduling.

12. Explain Memory Management.

13. What is the difference between swapping and paging?

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