TCS Interview Question for testing

Hi I am happy to share my TCS interview experience with you all. I am having 2.6 years of experience in software testing & got selected in TCS .There were three rounds of interviews
The Process started like that one day I got call from HR of TCS that my resume got shortlisted for a particular requirement .Then she asked me some questions like
In which organization you are working?
Do you know about QC,SQL ,my application which I am testing currently?
Then she asked how much experience do you have in each one ?
Then she told me you will get a call from project for technical

After some days ,I got call from a manager
He asked about my experience ,skill sets & all .He told me he will forward my resume to his manager & then probably I ll get a call from hr for package discussion .

After some days again I got call from hr ,she told me face to face interview is mandatory in TCS so I need to go there .Then she arranged interview for me .
There were three rounds :The first round was managerial (order can be any as per the availability of interviewers)
Introduce yourself
Why do you want to leave your current company?
Your Salary expectations?
Will you negotiate on it?
Your notice period?
You have worked as attest analyst ,have you managed any team also as a lead or something?(This is an important question as it was a managerial round)
Then she said I ll send another person for 2nd round of interview which was technical.
As this team was out of region so they have taken my technical on telephone in front of TCS employee .
The questions were :
Difference between integration & system testing& Regression Testing?
What are the various stages of V Model ?
Explain when requirement analysis is going on ,what is happening in QA team parellely?
Agile testing
Defect life cycle?
Difference between invalid & Deferred states in Defect life cycle?
Then he asked about my project
HR Round:
Introduce Yourself
Why you want to change company ?
Salary expectations?
Will it be negotiable ?
Notice period ?Can you negotiate on it also ?
Will you be ok for night shifts & working weekends?
She told me another hr will call me in some time n let me know .But if I don’t have any queries I can proceed .

I got call next day for salary discussion & after that got my offer letter ?

That’s it ,hope my experience will give you some hints while appearing for TCS interview.

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  • Wonderfully listed interview was very helpful. all the best :)
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  • Thank you very much for finding your valuable time and describing your experience. I am sure this is going to be very useful for candidates appearing for the interview.

    Thank you again.
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  • today am atten frist interview for tcs company. tcs company founder, ceo, brother, sister, friend, all working people urs my role model.....
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  • thank for sharing
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  • Wish you all the best Shaina!! Hope you're rocking in TCS now. The experience which you shared was indeed helpful.