Tea tasting as a career avenue

Is tea tasting a career avenue that I can choose, as it is not very popular among students?

Yes, tea tasting is one of the various career avenues associated with tea management. It is a very unique and peculiar field as it is not taken up by many students. It’s a field especially
for the people who are looking for an offbeat road and who are willing to take risks and want to do something interesting. It’s a habit for almost everyone around the world to drink tea.
And if you are a tea lover then you can’t expect anything more than starting everyday with a sip of tea as a part of your job. Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the
world thus; it is produced at a mass level and contributes majorly to the revenue of many countries, including India.

Therefore, the tea industry offers various roles in areas like tea plantation, land surveyors, engineers, factory managers, packaging engineers, tea retailers, tea brokers, researchers and even a tea taster. Tea is the most important step in the process of manufacturing tea. The tea taster’s role is a highly specialised one wherein most of the new findings and learning
occurs on the job. And thereby, there is a lot of responsibility on the taster as major decisions is going to be based on his/her final output. No matter how advanced technology has
become but still until and unless a tea taster approves of the tea, it cannot be processed.
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  • RE: Tea tasting as a career avenue -lahiru (04/10/17)
  • dear sir,
    I'm started my carrier as a training estate assistant manager and now working as a assistant manager in recognize plantation company in sri lanka.i have both up country and low country manufacturing experience in tea sector.also Im final year external student in university of wayaba BSc plantation management and Agriculture.Sir Im hoping to join with tea testing secret and what are the opportunities in sri Lanka relating this field..??
    thank you

  • RE: Tea tasting as a career avenue -Prakash Gogoi (10/11/15)
  • Dear Sir,
    I am a arts graduate and completed Tea
    Training course from TRA
    Tocklai Jorhat Assam.That sir I want to join as a
    Assistant Manager Trainee
    in a company.How can I got a job as assistant manager trainee in tea garden.what i have to do.plz help me.