Team India recent overseas failure

Team India recent overseas failure

Team India's overseas performances are faltering and have been a spineless show. The Indian players are not good travelers and rightly so as they have been in the back foot on every foreign tours. The players are hapless and contribution of support staffs is invisible from the show. Indian cricket team is always considered as a powerhouse but on foreign soil they are like a power mouse. The coach has been given a long rope but he has nothing to guide and inspire players. Consequently, team is dooming on every tour. In the last two tours of SA and New Zealand, team has not been able to post a single win both in ODI and Test. It’s high time to introspect and find solutions of flounders.

We have often seen India proved its prowess on its terrain. We have a tendency to wipe our overseas failure with heroic wins at home. The players who look to play for survival for their spot on foreign soil, shock us with their blistering performance in the sub-continent. Bowlers have added more woes to team's ubiquitous failure. In recent past, we have used many bowlers but none seems to be lethal, sharp and has the flare of breaking partnerships.

We have world class cricketing facilities and IPL is gravitating best players from all across world, our new breed of players are getting fitted exposure to grow and learn for them. If we still struggle with plummeting performance, world will start mocking us and that would be a big toll on the confidence of players. We have a big pool of cricketers and we now need to identify players keeping conditions of the touring place into consideration.

After shambolic recent tour of New Zealand, the clamor for MS Dhoni’s head is getting sharper. He is under flak after the dismal tour. Indeed he looked clueless, uninspiring and tried defensive tactics in test matches. He seems to be lost his midas touch particularly in the longer format of the game. But he alone is not the factor behind team’s debacle but team’s inability to put collective performance together is the major cause. Dhoni should leave the coveted seat from longer version of the game. We have abled and well groomed player like Virat Kohli who should be entrusted captaincy in Test matches. He will not only bring freshness in strategy but his aggression will also play a vital role.
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  • RE: Team India recent overseas failure -Deepa Kaushik (04/21/14)
  • Team India is dooming down day-by-day in the foreign soil. It is always seen that team India shows its efficiency in own soil than oversees. They have a clean sweep victory at home. But they get an equally bad defeat on foreign land.

    Players who are good performers are seen to be slowing up their pace in the recent past. And obviously the slang pulls the legs of the captain. Dhoni is being centred to get a reasonable reply for the heavy loss for team India in every match oversees.

    It is high time, and we need to have a in-depth analyses of the situation, as to what is affecting Team India’s performance drastically. India has the highest fans for the cricketers who cross continents to cheers our players on the foreign soil. Players definitely need to be focussed, or there need to be a catch on their performance incentives to keep them up with their performance on oversees front.