Technical interview questions - L & T papers

Technical interview questions - L & T papers

1. Tell the difference between C and C++?

2. Define the terms abstraction and encapsulation.

3. Explain the significance of multi-level and multiple inheritances?

4. What is the process of normalization?

5. Normalize the table that contains attributes: STUDENT ID , , MARKS , TEACHER NAME , COURSE NAME ,TEACHER ID, TEACHER’S SUBJECT.

6. Define the term semaphores?

7. ADODC: The full form is

8. What is repeater?

9. Explain the different sorting algorithms?

10. Tell the better time complexity -O(n²) or O(n lg n ) and why?

11. Define with example an object oriented programming language?

12. Explain the significance of keywords: private, protected, public

13. Explain the importance of entity-relationship diagrams with example.

14. What are the five normal forms, partial FDs and trivial FDs?

15. Explain polymorphism with example?

16. Define threading and its needs? What is the need of having a thread?

17. Explain the importance of TCP/IP reference model?

18. Explain the time complexity of quick sort and merge sort.

19. Differentiate between the primary key and unique key.

20. Explain the referential integrity

21. Write some example queries of SQL.

22. Write a C program to find out the max no between 2 nos.

23. Name all the algorithms used for sorting and explain one algorithm.

24. What is heap sort?

More Technical interview questions

1. If supply is (10+15 sin 314 wt), tell the reading of moving coil ammeter.

2. How will you convert 16 into binary form?

3. Ans a simple thing when all i/p are 1, in which gate o/p is 1?

4. For what is Y-delta starter is used for in induction motor?

5. Aman reads voltmeter as 100V, if he wants to measure 150 what he will do?

6. For unity TMS is 10 sec, tell about 0.5 TMS

7. Torque and Speed are affected by how many factors?

8. In a balanced Y connection if VAN=400at 60, tell VBN.

9. For what purpose buccholtz relay is used for?

10. What is the purpose of lightening arrester?

11. How much power dissolute in i=10+5 sin 314wt for 2ohm resistor

12. Tell the impedance value for 3-4j, for max power transfer

13. Tell the function of SYNC motor?

14. In Q factor---------resonance is used. (Fill in the blank)

15. What is the use of I controller?

16. What is the other name for Schmitt trigger?

17. What should be the value for differential amplifier CMRR? Large or Small?

18. Which gate act as parallel switch OR gate?

19. Answer what is dual to A+1?

20. Answer the result of 1000>>2 0010 [right shift two times].

21. Number of flip flops used in counter is ------- to number of bits in counter. (Fill in the blank)

22. What is scratch pad temporary memory?

23. Tell the type of system: y(n)=x(n)+x(n-1)

24. Define FIR finite impulse response filter.

25. You have sin(3t) find fundamental frequency 3/2?.

26. What is used for dynamic memory (FET, Transistor, MOSFET, and Flip Flop?)

27. Tell the type of communication functioning in USART Half duplex.
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