Technical Skills or Soft Skills - What makes a candidate job ready?

Technical Skills or Soft Skills - What makes a candidate job ready?


Skills form an important part of a candidate while seeking an appropriate employment. Still, in the present scenario, we see many people who are placed inversely to their educational background and intellectual level. Their technical skill doesn't get utilized in their nature of job profile. Clearly their education and technical skills haven't helped them to achieve their employment. It is where the soft skills come to play. Do soft skills weigh more in comparison to the technical skills to get placed at a job? Or, having a qualification and degree with appropriate technical skills is enough to get a job? What actually makes a candidate job ready - technical skills or soft skills?

Technical Skills

• They helps in searching the job in the relevant field.

• Candidate is more confident to face an interview with relevant technical skills. Confidence is very important for the personality of the candidate at an interview.

• Technical Skill makes the candidate aware of the practical implications of the job, which otherwise is not possible to handle.

• A person possessing good soft skills without apt technical skills can not expect to be placed in the field of his specialization.

• Soft skills alone cannot help in increasing the production required for the economic growth of any organization. Only relevant technical skills can contribute towards the progression in the productivity. The projects can be fetched only when you have the resources with required technical skills.

Soft Skills

• Soft skills highlight the capabilities of the candidate. These are the soft skills that form the mental framework of the candidate towards the designated position.

• Soft skills portray the orientation of the candidate and his interests towards the job profile.

• Not every person is lucky enough to get a job in his field of study. Those are the soft skills that find a living for the candidate.

• Candidate can express their serious attitude, dedication and sincere approach through the soft skills. These are the things that actually impress the employers.

• A resume remains incomplete without the soft skills. Employers cannot analyse the candidate's internal and mental framework without soft skills. These marks relevance for the efficient functioning of an organisation.


We can analyse the technical skills and soft skills individually and provide a list of their utilities in the resume; but when it comes to the comparison, both technical and soft skills hold a unique and important place in the resume. For an employer, the resume needs to be a smooth blend of technical and soft skills befitting the profile. Hence, a candidate can be ready with confidence only if he possesses a good combination of technical skills and soft skills.
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