Techniques you will be using at print media

What are the various types of techniques that I will work on, while doing print media?

Printing means display of your thoughts on a medium. It is the exhibition of our concepts, opinions, feelings, news & events, expressions and skills in a printed version or graphic style. In other words, it is a technique to express your imagination and creativity using technology. It is a multi-disciplinary profession, which deals with text and graphics to make a final print by transferring ink on paper on canvas or other materials. The printed material book, magazine or newspaper has a strong inflence on people and defines a nations position to the outside world. Print media effects, motivates, demotivates, encourage discourage masses on a major scale. It not only helps in educating people but also provide them a clear picture about the happenings around the world.

In the world of print media, technology plays a vital role hence you should have sound technical knowledge about the tools and techniques you’ll have to deal with in this field. In addition to this in print media you are expected to do designing, pasting, image setting, camera work, printing, typesetting, binding and so on to bring the desired output.

The most common industries where print media is popular is in magazine companies, newspapers, hoardings, brochures, catalogues, wedding cards, gifting cards, banners, pamphlets, visiting cards and so on. Also the manufactures of clothing, food, beverage use print media technology to make the wrappers, bags, labels etc. Offset printing technique another form of printing specially employed for printing of books and newspaper. Other forms of printing are Rotogravure (for magazines, packaging), Flexography (for labels, packaging, newspapers), screen printing (for printing on T-shirts, floor tiles etc.), digital printing such as inkjet (for books, packaging etc.), laser (for bills, documents), dot-matrix etc.
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