Technological advancements will lead to the slow end of tradition and culture

Technological advancements will lead to the slow end of tradition and culture

Technological advancements will lead to the slow end of tradition and culture as they cannot survive together.
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Culture is referred to as the ideas, customs and social behaviours of a particular set of people or society. Technology, on the other hand dominates everything in the age we are living in. To an extent, it is true that technology and culture are not highly compatible with each other.

The same can be expressed by taking the example of India itself. The rich cultural heritage of India makes its relationship with technology very pressing. India has always preserved its multiple languages, cultures, literatures, traditions and extreme diversities in all of these. A country which officially recognises eighteen different languages is definitely one of the biggest examples of heterogeneity.

Though there has been a technological boom in India as well over the past few decades but which of the technological revolutions have been able to carry the cultural heritage of India along with it?

“Internet” and “Social Networking” have in fact become the new cultures of the world. People from all over the world, are surfing and connecting with each other through just one medium – English, irrespective of their cultural or geographic origin.

Classical mythology has been replaced by various superheroes. While non-violence has been the basic underlying learning in almost every culture of the world, but action movies seem to be the most favourite of the upcoming generations. Spiderman, alone crossed $650 million worldwide. The piano seems to have been replaced by the type writer making similar noise, but much less melodious.

However, sometimes there may be a symbiotic relationship between technology and culture. The development of the gunpowder is one such example. Originally it was invented in China to be used during religious ceremonies and for fireworks. Once this technological invention reached the West, it was immediately used in the invention of guns and ammunition. Hence, from the Chinese perspective, it was a technological innovation driven by a cultural/religious need. And from the western perspective, it was a technology that inspired a cultural change. But such examples are few as compared to the distinctions between the two.

Technology was developed just as tool but it is true that now it exceedingly dominates over various aspects of humanity – culture and traditions one of them.
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  • RE: Technological advancements will lead to the slow end of tradition and culture -Teena Bhatia (08/26/14)
  • The countries which lack on the parameters of science and technological advancements are generally considered as backward, and at the same time the countries which are equipped with the latest technological advancements are considered as the place of all social evils. So what is it? Are technological advancements a boon or bane for the nation?

    Technology leaves some or other form of impact on the society. It is one of the important means through which people connect to each other. It plays a significant role in the extension of culture. Also, it leads to the other necessary advancements like how towns grow, how people live, what they own etc. Technology leaves a deep impact on the teaching and learning patterns. Educators understand the advancements and pass it on to the next generation. So, how do technological advancements hamper the tradition and culture in the development process?

    Human race has to stop at some point in order to analyze what makes the technological advancements as a curse for the culture? The problem is the present generation is unfazed of the unknown road they are walking on. The mobile, social media and internet have drastically changed the way people interact with each other. People think that technology has made world a small place to live in. However, the ground reality is different from the perception.

    Technology is driving the people away from each other. The present generation is living in a factual world. They are suffering from unknown isolation and even show signs of emotional contagion. In the present world, the culture and traditions are all followed on the internet. People share the status of Happy Diwali, Happy Rakhi, and Happy Holi on social media websites. But the real question is the wishes are shared with whom? It is a real question that most of the people should ask to themselves. Moreover, technology doesn’t allow the people to value each other time. In a short period of time, the love converts into bitterness and people show their angst by blocking friends on social media websites. The number of friends has become more important factor than the quality of friends. So, where is the culture of love reflected in technology advancements? With change in time, technologies will change and it is must to sustain the life, but don’t allow it to become a master.