Telecommunication engineer freshers - CV samples and formats

Telecommunication engineer freshers - CV samples and formats

Phone: 85******
E mail:er****

Career objective

Aspire to join a reputed media organization as a Digital Media Representative and enhance my skills to serve with best of my efficiencies for benefit of organisation and individual growth.

Professional Efficiency

-Ambitious and creative
-Self confident
-Ability to analyze, interprete, listen, communicate and present.
-Strong verbal communications
-Effective multitasking skills.
-Self motivated
-Result oriented.

Computer Skills

-Windows 95, 98, NT
-MS office
-Use of internet
-Photo shop


Experience of 6 months in DEF TV as digital media representative


-Helping the channel collecting advertising revenues from clients
-Makingnew proposals, negotiating with clients and vendors and finallising the project
-Generating advertising opportunities.
-Interacting with marketing sources for the business.
-Maintaining close contact with clients for generating more business
-Develop on-line broadcast partnerships directly across the globe.
-Interacting and apprising with clients for beneficial offers.
-Providing relevant and life-enhancing materials on time
-Demonstrating innovative ideas to seniors
-Assisting seniors in their work areas

Education Qualification

-Graduate degree in telecommunications engineering from HC college with A%
-HSC with B% from G college

Extra curricular activities

-Honored for the best student during graduation year 20**
-Won essay writing competition and stood 1st in intercollege competition

Personal Details

-Date of birth: 1/1/19XXX
-Languages known: English, Hindi,Gujarati
-Hobbies: Writing, Dancing
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  • Communication engineer CV sample

    Mobile: +91-98********

    Career Profile

    -Efficient and accomplished professional with expertise in installing, designing, maintaining and troubleshooting the electronic devices.
    -Strong knowledge of analyze and evaluate the technical information's.
    -Well verse with LAN and WAN Communication systems.
    -Expertise in telecommunication systems and operations.
    -Experience of working with data communications and network protocols like Internet Protocol and their implementation
    -Proven record of delivering the projects within deadline.
    -Excellent project management and time management skills.

    Key Skills

    -Excellent knowledge of VPM, VoI, MPLS, WAN, Network security technologies.
    -Strong knowledge of network appliance and IIS.
    -Knowledge of MS Office, ISDN, Nortel SN 1, Sonet, Firewalls, DAS and SAN
    -Experience in analyzing network load, measure the traffic on the system and solve connectivity issues.

    Personality Traits

    -Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
    -Excellent customer service skills.
    -Excellent problem solver and ability to prioritize the task.
    -Excellent presentation and demonstrating skills.

    Professional Experience

    Company Name- XYZ
    Communication Engineer
    Aug 20**- Till Date

    -Implement and configure the LAN and WAN systems on Secured Internet Protocol Router and Sensitive Internet Protocol Router.
    -Design and integrate the secure intelligence communications and networking systems.
    -Coordinate with Sr. Communication Engineer in project planning and execution.
    -Prepare technical reports and presentations for customer review.
    -Prepare brief presentations on new products and networks.
    -Ensure the delivery of projects in timeline and within budget.
    -Ensure the project should meet the standards of quality.

    Company Name-XYZ
    Assistant Communication Engineer
    Jan 20**- Dec 20**

    -Interact with management for discussing the products, plans or team performance
    -Prepare theoretical designs for electronics devices.
    -Develop and execute programs/codes for various web services.
    -Conducted research on security threats of systems
    -Responsible for assembling the new network infrastructures.
    -Design the network strategies for the organization.
    -Prepare reports and documentation on all the project activities.


    -Received Academic Excellence Award at college level in 20** at “XYZ” Institute.
    -Participated in the drama competition Fest conducted at “xyz” in 20**.

    Academic Qualification

    -M.E. (Electronics) from “XYZ”in 20**.
    -B.E. (Electronics and Telecommunication) from “XYZ” in 20**.

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth: 25 Nov 19**.
    Languages known: Hindi and English.
    Address: XYZ.