Television & Internet - Tips to make the most for your Civil Services interview.

Television & Internet – Tips to make the most for your Civil Services interview.

Television & Internet are the inescapable part of our life and when it comes to providing information, nothing works faster than these giant leaders of technology. Watching television and surfing the internet can be of great help while preparing for the civil services interview. Technology presents options in bulk and that’s when deciding becomes difficult, be it choosing which channels to watch or which blogs to follow on the web. Let’s discuss them separately.

Television – a dependable source of information

Television presents the best source of all types of current affairs as well as those that have been popular in the past. One can always flip through channels and get visually apparent information on the important happenings. As discussed in one of the previous articles, you will already be reading two newspapers for the day and then watching standard news channels will keep you revised of what you have already read. What we see on the television is always easier to remember than what we read in newspapers. Here are some tips to ensure that you make the right use of watching television for preparations:

- Watching news channels is not a replacement for reading newspapers but a revision to what you have already read.
- Do not let television distract you for a longer period of time. Watching television for an hour or two at the time of meals is permissible but not more than that.
- Watch prime time news on national channels like CNN IBN, Times Now, Aaj Tak, NDTV, Loksabha, Rajyasabha, etc.
- Check the schedules of programs which have debates and discussions on current affairs and watch those only instead of waiting hours for the right program.
- Watch channels that are related to your hobby like sports news, music, travel & tourism, history, etc.
- Tune the channels that are going to be of help for your preparations and arrange them one after the other. Watch only those channels that you have selected.
- Avoid celebs gossip news, page 3 news, and other such useless program. Chances are that once you get stuck at them, you will be easily distracted for the rest of the evening.
- Keep track of time. Do not spend more time than required watching television.
- Try improvising your pronunciations and communication skills when you are watching a good news channel.

Internet knows it all

With easy and affordable access to the internet, almost everywhere in the country, internet has exceedingly proved to be a resource collection of preparation material for civil services interview. Candidates must make use of this resource for grabbing more information and knowledge in a rather convenient way. With internet browsing made accessible on smartphones and tablets, it has become even more convenient for aspirants to surf for the required content anywhere, while travelling or wherever you have a few spare hours. Here are some tips to make the best use of internet while preparing for civil services interview:

- You can easily search for e-papers and go through important articles of the day anywhere at any time. You can also save the pages as files for revising later.
- You can join forums sites that have discussions on current affairs by experts and professionals.
- Google knows it all and so do other search engines on the web. You can get quick and comparable answers to almost all queries.
- It is advisable that you do not go by the views or information on a particular topic just by going through a single website. When you search on a topic, make sure that you go through a couple or two of the resulting pages. Some blogs are managed by amateurs and the information there could be misleading. For a safer opinion, refer to two or more results from the search.
- Maintain files of saved pages or copies that you have retained for referring later. Keep them managed and well titled so that you do not waste all the time searching for them when you look for them. These can replace your note-keeping diary as well
- If you have missed an important news program, you can stream them or revise from them on the go. Keep the links to those sites bookmarked for later reference.
- Do not go social networking while you are about to be preparing for the interview. Chances are that you will end up wasting a greater part of the time in nothing useful.
- Do not give in more time to surfing the web than the time you have allotted in the first place. Draw the limits clearly and let nothing distract you from your goal.
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