Tell me something about CLP.

I want to know more about CLP? How do I become a CLP?

There are currently thousand of practicing and experienced logistics professionals in India. They vary from the post of managers of supply chain operation to specialised IT experts to clerical and warehouse based support staff. The importance placed in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management has increased drastically in the last few decades. Thus, with this understanding that the Logistics and Supply Chain Management society planned and launched the CLP programme to help people in this profession to get more recognition for their work. It is a professional certification that enables employees in the logistics industry to develop their capability more effectively, and doing so to assist in defining the logistics profession.

The CLP certification is designed for logisticians working in tactical and supervisory careers, as well as for those aspiring to future managerial positions. The main focus of this programme is to create a foundation for a career in logistics and supply chain management through the developed CLP pathway. After the completion of the program you will walk away with the skills/training as well as the accreditation to back it up. Practitioners are prepared for a successful career in logistics through this programme. The problem solving skills that will be learnt by you during this program will be essential to achieve your objectives effectively. To qualify as a CLP or Certified Logistics professional candidate, an applicant must have relevant working experience, educational qualifications (10+2 and a graduation degree, preferably in the field of logistics and supply chain management) and an active participation in the Logistics profession.
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