Tell me something about your self.

Tell me something about your self.

This is usually the first formal question, you can expect during any personal interview you face. This question gives you an opportunity to take the charge of interview and take it in the direction you want. However, if you go unprepared you may land up into speaking your biography.

If you are an experienced candidate, you can answer this question by providing some information about your work experience, your skills set, educational qualifications and anything interesting you did recently.

If you are a fresh graduate, you can provide some information about your educational qualifications, projects you did, any extra curricular activities. You can also talk about the basic qualities you possess which are expected in a fresher like ability to learn quickly, take instructions effectively, good communication and interpersonal skills etc.

The trick to provoke the next desired question is to put a full stop at the right place . For e.g. “Recently I developed a website using Drupal. It was quite an interesting and challenging job which I enjoyed.” The next obvious question you can expect from here is "What kind of challenges?".
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  • RE: Tell me something about your self. -Farhana Afreen (09/22/15)
  • A very common question to begin with, this is usually asked to make you at ease and to know what you think about yourself. Give a short and simple introduction about yourself but make sure that it has all the important elements that has got you in that place. After mentioning where you come from and a short description about your qualifications and institutes from which you hail, and work experiences if any, you can proceed to your skills and qualities that make you worth the job. Mention your achievements that are worthy of getting you an edge over others in line for getting the job
  • RE: Tell me something about your self. -Nupur Bhargava (05/13/15)
  • The main part of the interview generally commences with the question. It’s the right opportunity to show your communication skills and answer in a well organised manner. This also becomes an important question so as to steer the discussion in your preferred direction. You can highlight your skills and strengths in order to prove yourself fit for this role.

    If you are a fresher, you can begin with your educational qualification and gradually preceding towards your curriculum projects and internships whilst highlighting your strengths and weaknesses.

    For example: I have completed my graduation in communication and extension with specialisation in photography and sound recording. During my graduation I was given the opportunity to intern in a sound recording studio where I gave sound effects for a film. It was a great working here, I learnt to have patience and deal with strict deadlines.

    If you are experienced, you can begin with your educational qualification preceding towards your work experiences and the skill sets that you have developed while being employed in various jobs and profiles.

    For example: In my first job I was given the opportunity to lead the data management team of 10 people. It helped me to develop team management skills, helped me to be articulate and attentive.

    You could also end the answer at such a point where the interviewer is instigated to ask the next question from the same point where you ended your answer.

    For example: You could end your answer with sentences like I like to take challenging jobs or I would like to overcome my weaknesses. In such cases the questions followed could be ‘what is a challenging job according to you’ or ‘what kind of challenges do you like to face’ or ‘what weaknesses would you like to overcome’.