Temporary Commission of Women Army Officers - Reasons

Temporary Commission of Women Army Officers - Reasons

Question:-Since the time of Independence, the women army officers continue to remain at a temporary commission when compared to men. Explain the reasons that led to such a situation.

During the Republic Day of 2015, the women power showcased an extraordinary performance at the Rajpath, New Delhi. Wing Commander, Pooja Thakur became the first women to led the occasion of tri - service guard of honor.

Since the time of Independence, the women in the army are struggling to get a permanent commission. Recently, women officers approached the court seeking a permanent commission. The newly formed BJP government in 2014 has taken the decision to consider the women for a permanent post.

Reasons that prevented women from entering into the permanent commission are :

- Male attitude - Most of the male Junior Commissioned Officers belong from the rural areas and they are not willing to accept women as their leader in any situation.

- Weak gender – As per the army rules, women would not be handle to the situation when they would be exposed to aggressive circumstances. The hemoglobin level in women also starts decreasing after the age of 35. Thus, women were considered to be the weaker sex.

- Issue of safety – It was believed that the women officers were unsafe. Even men in the army faced several exploitations by the team leaders. This led to the question how safe the women were in the army.

- Lack of Infrastructure – A strong support of infrastructure should be provided to the women. A good network of roads and housing facilities should be provided. They should also be provided with flying machines and radars. Infrastructure also includes good communication facilities and barracks. Due to the lack of proper infrastructure, women were denied from the permanent commission.

- Gender discrimination – In India, gender discrimination can be described as the most common phenomenon in all sectors. Men are considered to be more powerful and women are deprived of opportunities.

- Less Literacy Rate – India had a considerable progress in the area of literacy rate but yet, it did not achieve its goal. In 2011, the literacy rate grew up to 74.04% from 12% in 1947. Because women are considered to be weak, they are not provided with the basic education. In the field of army, apart from physical training, they should also undergo Junior and Higher Command courses to achieve a permanent commission.

Facts and Figures

- In 2011, the literacy rate grew up to 74.04% from 12% in 1947.

- The Border Roads Organization (BRO) was set up fifty three years ago to build roads when other means were not available.

- 20% of the government's budget is spend on defense infrastructure and defense forces.
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