Terrorism and World Peace

Terrorism and World Peace


The 21st century has witnessed unforeseen events which have altered the course of history forever. Besides the technological advancements, the biggest change undoubtedly has been the emergence of terrorism as one of the biggest global threats. Terrorism has been insidiously affecting lives all over the world and has resulted in spoiling the world peace at an alarming rate. May it be a super power like United States of America or a developing country like India, terrorism continues to spread its roots with no concrete solution. It has not only debilitated national security but has also led countries into a situation of anarchy.

Far Reaching consequences of Terrorism

Terrorism is derived from the French revolutionary reign of terror under Maximilien Robespierre, when millions were sent to their deaths, often at the guillotine, in 1793–94.
The 9/11 attack on the twin towers in United States actually brought forth terrorism as a matter which could no longer be ignored by domestic or international security.

There are a number of far reaching consequences of terrorism which must be understood clearly to know why nations are spending billions of dollars to root out terrorism from their land. First and foremost, any terror attack leads to change in foreign policies affecting relationship of a nation with either its neighbor or some of its trade partners. The feeling of distrust and fear between countries is indeed disappointing considering that none may be at fault. A classic example is that of India and its neighbouring country Pakistan which have time and again snapped trade ties after a terrorist attack and have not been able to come to an understanding to free some items from the restricted list, thereby blocking potential opportunities for mutual growth and better understanding.

Terrorism disturbs peace and kills innocent citizens. Terrorists have ulterior motives for launching any such attacks. However, innocent civilians pay the price for it. With slow response and other pressing issues like environmental damage, sanitation, food security to deal with, the issue has apparently become an everlasting one. Terrorism was traditionally carried out for religious reasons. Although, it continues to be an important reason but it is not the only one. Politically motivated reasons are also being used for terrorist attacks. Religious strife is used to disturb peace and harmony between people of various religions and has often resulted in riots, changes in policy for people of specific religion or just plain hostility between communities.

The everlasting situation of distrust and strife between India-Pakistan, Palestine and Israel and muslims who are looking at opportunity to harm US and UK in the garb of Jehad( Holy War) has taken its toll on countries. Even latin American countries such as Mexico, Peru, Columbia and Argentina have seen their share of terrorist activities in the yesteryears. Terrorist attacks in London, Madrid, Chechenya in Russia amongst many others have highlighted the cruelty of this menace. Organisations such as Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Indian Mujahideen, Lashkar-e-toiba have become names synonymous to countries both in east or the west. Names such as Osama Bin-Laden, Dawood Ibrahim, Maulana Mashood Azhar amongst many others have also became notorious due to the myriad attacks that they have been held responsible for across the world.

While India would wish to spend atleast a substantial portion of its GDP expenditure on education and health, unfortunately, it has to allocate a significant budget allocation to defense in order to keep its borders safe and also ensure internal security. Troubled borders with its neighbours and the disturbance due to naxalites within the country make it impossible for the country to ignore terrorism and have in fact become a national agenda as well as a perennial topic of discussion during multilateral meetings.

However, a part of the terrorism is also a result of countries not being able to provide enough means to its citizens to make a living. The wrong or villainous elements used the opportunity to corrupt young minds and make them a part of their bigger strategy to coerce, threaten or kill people for getting money.

Hence, terrorism also results in countries not being able to achieve their desired potential due to such constraints.


Terrorism is a global threat and even though countries have come to recognize it, they have to work harder in order to ensure world peace is achieved. In order to achieve world peace, countries must come together to counter the growing menace i.e terrorism and stop the violence, fear and blood shed. It is a mammoth task and certainly not an easy one and nations would have to collaborate and reach consensus on how to achieve their goal of a terror-free country and in turn a terror free world. Restoration of world peace is the only lasting solution to many of the problems hampering the nations across the globe currently.
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