Textile Designing - Eligibility, institutes and prospects

Textile Designing - Eligibility, institutes and prospects

What courses are offered in textile design and are there any diploma courses?

Due to rapid growth in the potential oftextile market, there is an increasing need for a proper educational qualification in order to create a sound knowledge base about different methods of designing textiles and fibres. The courses are available at graduation and post graduation levels. There also are available at some intitutions, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses.

• Advance Diploma in Textile Design
• Advance Diploma in Textile Printing
• Diploma in Textile Design
• Diploma in Textile Printing
• Graduate Diploma in Apparel and Textile Design
• Post Graduate Program in Knitwear Design Technology
• Post Graduate Program in Garment Manufacturing Technology

Is there any entrance examination required to take admission for a Textile Design Course?

Different entrance exams are conducted by different institutes. The major criteria to appear for these exams is completion of higher secondary level education.
Following are some of the exams in India.

• National Council for Interior Disgn Qualification Examination
• NID Entrance test
• NIFT Entrance Examination

Which are the top colleges for pursuing Textile Design?

Following are someof the colleges offering courses.

• Pearl Academy, Delhi
• National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
• PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore
• International Institue of Fashion Design
• Central Polytechnic, Thiruvananthapuram
• MSU, Baroda
• Amity School of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
• SNDT College of Home Science, Pune

What are the various areas of work where i could use the degree of Textile Design?

The demand for textile designers has significantly increased giving rise to various roles as skilled professionals. You could work as a design consultant, embroidery designers, textile lab managers, faculty, printing and dying consultant, garment designers, furnishing designers. You can also get employes by the export houses. Government sponsored and private silk, handloom, khadi, jute and craft development organizations too are replete with opportunities. You may also opt to work as freelancer offering your designs to different organizations.

What is the remuneration for a Textile Designer?

If you want to kick off in the fashion industry, working under a designer would be an unpaid internship or some may offer a basic stipend. However, if you choose to joinas a fresher you could earn around 15-20 thousand per month. For graduates of reputed and top intstitutes, monthly salary could go up to 30000/- per month. Export houses pay between 25-40 thousand per month to experienced textile designers.
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