The march of science and the erosion of human values.

The march of science and the erosion of human values.

Science and its advancement have created a massive change in the lifestyle and living standard of common man. With every advancement and invention, science has simplified the work pressure for the human beings and made the living easier and comfortable. Life is continuously undergoing evolution and to some extent we need the latest technologies to gear up with the pace of life. Everything is good as far as their result is not hampering and devastating. But the scenario is not all that positive. The science and technology has drastically affected the human values. Living has become smoother at the expense of our values.

Scientific advancement – need of the era or an unwanted proposal

Life today is very fast, and human beings are continuously running around to get hold of something that they really don’t know. Everyone is in a hurry to achieve something or the other. Every person is busy competing with the others and win over the world. But when we actually ask the person the ultimate goal they are proceeding towards, majority get stuck up with the response. It is because they actually don’t know what they are marching for.

The need of the era is to live happily and make others around us happy. Happiness is all that we all want. But the definition of happiness differs for everyone. A simple living of a poor man can yield much satisfaction and happiness than the life of a rich. The more the wealth, the stress factor increases, the health deteriorates, inefficiency comes in and we end up in irritation and frustrations. Hence, we have lost our ultimate goal of blissful life despite winning the entire world. A person working day and night to give the best living standard for the family loses the small lovely moments with the family members and children, and the day when he gets time for the family, the next generation gets ready to rush ahead with the work load. The life is very much sophisticated, but we lack the satisfaction in our lives.

Human values – a boon for mankind

Human values of emotion, respect, mercy, simplicity etc. is a special feature for human beings only. They have been given the sixth sense to understand and develop themselves and the surroundings to make the world a nice place to live in. The human values have a rich source of intellect to analyse and justify their deeds. But with every new advancement in the technology, we have drowned ourselves to the extent that we hardly get time to think of these values. Man has become much selfish which has made him cunning and brutal. All we want today is our success at any cost. The cost may be the love, life and happiness of other person, but we don’t care to respect other’s emotions or feelings that come between our success path.

Life in the science age – its impact on the human values

• Science lacks the abstracts of the nature

Man has created everything, but he cannot equalize the creator of nature. He can provide every sophistication, but cannot provide the emotions to the gadgets. Even if he tries to impart the intellect to his gadgets, they can never mimic the natural living forms existing in this world. The inventions have given us a life surrounded by various machines. Living with these machines, even human brain has become mechanical, hard core, without any emotions or mercy. Man is able to explore the space, but he has never cared to explore himself. We have failed to respect our greatest gift of values.

• Scientific inventions and gadgets especially the Internet attract and captivate, consuming the quality time

The invention of science are really very attractive. Everyone gets into the sphere of science with its interesting outlook. The world of Internet has trapped the human beings within itself. Gone are the days when people used to spend time with each other. Even the children who want to complete their home assignments, or play games, never look up for friends or elders, instead just hang out with the Internet. the youth spend time chatting on the internet with their friends. The elder people get their shoppings, the work tasks, the communications and interactions done through the Internet.

For every day-to-day activities we look out for a machine which is the gift of science. Right from waking up with the alarm clock, hot bath, cooking, travelling, job, till the time we get back to bed with television, we are into the world of science. Even for the exercising we look out for a scientific device, instead of having a early morning walk. We lack time for everything, our family, friends, loved ones. All we have is the materialistic mechanical life which has made us unhealthy and sick, both physically and mentally.

• Fast age with world into the pockets - Deteriorated patience and Elevated exasperation (actions that cause great irritation or anger)

The pace of the world has fastened multi-fold with the scientific advancements. All we need is a comfortable living with all sorts of gadgets and facilities. Everything is moving so fast that we humans are failing in our patience quotient progressively. This is definitely not a good sign for the mankind to lose the temper at the simplest concern. It is not just with the patience, but we are failing in the emotional level as a whole. The elevated level of dissatisfaction, irritability and anger has promoted violence and terrorism in the society.

• Science demands money to buy the comforts for life, inculcating the greed for more and more money

The comfort and luxurious living demands more and more sophisticated gadgets and technologies, which in turn demands money. Humans are running behind the wealth and this run has no end. This technology has given us nothing bud greed for more and more wealth. We have forgotten the saying:

When wealth is lost, nothing is lost
When health is lost, something is lost
When character is lost, everything is lost
We are ready to lose everything for wealth in today’s era

Raw comparison of life with and without science and technology

• Effect on health

Health is continuously deteriorating with lack of exercise. We look out for the exercise machines instead of walking, as this is more of a status symbol to have one. All these have given us loads of stress and plenty of new diseases to fight and combat.


Though we have explored a lot in the field of education, still the books made our concentration deteriorate. As we forgot the good old days of learning just by hearing. And now in the era of technology of computers and Internet is slowly making us lose our writing skills. Our literacy percent has increased but our ignorance is equally increasing. As all the knowledge we have is bookish and hardly few of us are able to implement our knowledge. Gone are the values of culture, tradition and respect to elders.


Thus, to summarise, we can just call this growing path of science and technology as a curse for human beings. Ignoring the human values in the limelight of technology is no good to the mankind. This technology will slowly eat away the human power like a pest and we will end up in fatal devastation.
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