The solution to a problem is a problem itself

The solution to a problem is a problem itself

Solving problems is not easy. This is because every answer is the birth of another question. This process goes on till all the variables are resolved and you get a solution that is close to perfection. Close, but not perfect. This is because life is ever changing and what happens one minute can change the outcome significantly. Ad added advantage is that the new problem is less complex than the original problem.

Sometimes, the perfect solutions lead to insoluble problems or life threatening ones. Plenty of food can spur morbid obesity. Medicines can lead to complications instead of curing the disease. This is why it is obvious that the solution to a problem is a problem in itself which has to be solved.

• Nothing is constant but change. This holds true for mankind since times immemorial. It is only the complexity of the problem that posses an initial challenge to those who are devising the solution. But the situation is fluid. Things change with the passage of time. What may seem like the perfect solution at one time can become a tremendous problem at a later date.

• If the economy is in recession, job generation is the solution. But generating jobs requires new start-ups and this is based on funding. Getting funds is tough when there is an economic melt-down. This is the cycle that goes on and on till man realizes that the burden of coming up with the perfect solution will now fall on the next generation.

• Thinking ahead is only one of the ways to counter future problems. Another way is to accept that the solution can never be perfect and there will always be some room for glitches. You then take precautions for ensuring that the problems emanating from the administration of the solution are resolved to a healthy percentage.

• Probability is the only phenomenon that can be accepted with certainty in human society. Neither do we know what the universe is contained within nor what our final destination will be, for sure. These are the variables that make it difficult for judging any kind of problem and coming up with trouble-free solutions.

If we feel that space missions are the key to uncovering new civilizations and we sent numerous satellites to the outer limits of the earth, the next problem we are now facing is that space debris will soon make it impossible to navigate missions easily. Solutions should be treated with some amount of scepticism if one is scientific and objective. This is the means to coming with the most hassle-free solution for the problem.

Discovery is the key to human evolution. Innovation is the means of furthering human progress. Geniuses who invented the perfect solutions and appliances for problems confronting mankind were constantly trying to improve their inventions before the final product came about. Even so, no product is completely perfect. Everything has its own flaws to some degree.

The trick is to pick the least problematic solution and apply it with care. Every problem has a solution if you look deeply at the problem. This is because a clue to the difficulty lies within it.

Through successive fine-tuning of proposed solutions, the final outcome can be more favourable. Go for a solution that solves more problems than it creates. This ensures that the losses will be fewer and the profits will be greater in number. Accept that no solution can be complete just as no outcome can be final. This is what comes of living in a limited world enclosed within an infinite and limitless universe.
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  • RE: The solution to a problem is a problem itself -Saurabh TIwari (02/04/17)
  • In today's hectic schedule this idiom is definitely suited. Everyone has their own problem in their life, which they try to solve or anyhow neglect the problem due to this famous saying "The solution to a problem is a problem itself".
    As everything has two sides: Good or bad, opportunity or threat, profit or loss. On the same way, every solution has two sides, which we can say as a new problem.

    We can take a various example to explain this:
    * Let's take an issue which is a hot topic nowadays, which is an Environmental problem. But this problem comes into existence due to a solution. As human are very curious to innovate new things or we can say that to get a comfortable life. For that, we invented the power plants. But nowadays in the various meeting of COP, everyone is looking for the renewable sources or nuclear as a substitute. But this also raises a problem of nuclear waste. In the solar plant, again an issue of recycling it after completion of the life cycle.
    * nowadays everyone is looking to substitute the fuel based cars with electric cars. The solution is in front of us but in this, the problem is that we have to compromise with some aspects.
    * The reservation system- this is the problem that reserved candidate, politicians, unreserved candidate, and even country is facing even though it is a solution to flourish the life of poor and needy.

    So in this way, we can say that the solution to a complex problem is again a problem for the future and is in a cyclic way it can be solved. Nothing can be perfect. Everything has some flaws in them which are a problem to solve.
  • RE: The solution to a problem is a problem itself -Deepa Kaushik (05/05/14)
  • Finding solution to a concern is a very difficult task, and much more difficult is to resolve the complexity in that solution. It is always said that it depends on us how we direct an interview. This is because every answer paves way to the next question. Similar is the status with resolving any problem. With every resolution, there lies another problem to think for.

    Best are the individuals who live their present. One should learn from the past, live the present and plan their future. The first two are the simple ones, but the concern starts from the planning the future. If planning is a resolution to live the life in a secure way; then comes the next series of question, as why, when and how to plan. If we search the answers then person starts to live for making a secure future and forgets the present.

    Resolving a concern is a vicious circle in itself. It gives birth to the next concern and so on. But this is something that we cannot escape and have to live with it. May be, this is how the life is to be lived, full of vigour and joy; experiencing and enjoying every phase of it to the fullest.
  • The solution to a problem is a problem itself -Lubna Lakdawala (04/02/14)
  • The solution to a problem is a problem itself

    This is an idiom in English - The solution to a problem is a problem itself.

    We all face problems in our lives and respond to them differently. Through these problems life sends us lessons and challenges. Problems can either work for us or against .it depends on the person and they make out the problem. This holds true to a lot of problems in life. Many a times Problems create solutions. We solve problems by looking at them. It is only natural for the solution to be within the problem.

    Every problem has its own solution within itself. To find it there are a few steps ne must undertake. To find the solution within the problem it is very important to understand the problem. To understand the problem one must ask the questions ‘when, why, who, what and how’. Asking these questions provides yet another view of the problem. Understanding what the conditions are when the problem occurs—and the conditions when it does not—may provide important information about the cause.

    The information must be collected in a systematic manner. Once a person has gained proper understanding of the problem it has all the information need to find the solution. The solution is often there in the information regarding the problem. Thus the solution is within the problem itself. If you cannot understand the problem you cannot fully solve. To get the solution to a problem it is important that first fully understand the problem.

    The solution to a problem lies in the problem itself. For example when we have a problem with one thing the solution lies within that thing itself. For instance if we are unable to digest something we have to remember that the solution lies in the problem itself, in this case it lies in whatever we have eaten, like while having an orange we are don’t feel right then we have to remember that the solution lies in the orange itself, so right we should chew 2-3 orange seeds we will instantly feel better our problem will be solved.

    In consequence, the statement that solution to a problem is the problem itself holds truth if you look closely you will find the solution in your problem itself. It always important to study the problem first, the solution will automatically appear.