The specifications of 8038 Function Generator.

Following are the specifications of _____.
A. Simultaneous Outputs: sine, square & triangular waves
B. Distortion: 1%
C. Operational Frequency: 0.001 to 500 KHz
D. Frequency Drift with temperature

a. LED Temperature Indicator
b. 555 Timers
c. 8038 Function Generator
d. Voltage Regulator

Correct Answer : c. 8038 Function Generator

Explanation :

8038 function generator is a 14-pin DIP which satisfies all the above mentioned specifications. LED temperature indicator, 555 Timers & voltage regulators consists of different configuration and specifications. It mainly comprises two comparators, two buffers, a flip-flop along with sine converter. These entire specifications are taken into consideration from an overall operational functions including 14 different pins.
Generation of triangular wave takes place by means of alternate charging the capacitor from one current source & then discharging it with another. This generated triangular wave is applied to both the comparators & then buffering becomes possible to sine converter.
As a result, flip-flops and comparators play a significant role in converting triangular wave to square wave & also triangular wave gets converted to sine wave by means of sine converter.
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