There is always a second chance

There is always a second chance

Many a times when people experience the setbacks or failures in the life, the closed one inspires them by saying there is always a second chance. It is a more optimistic approach to live a life. They can start anew and can get success in life. So what if the first attempt do not worked out, they can make it in the second attempt. Is it really possible? Do people get a second chance on every turn of their life?


• Failures should not stop people from moving ahead as every day comes with a new hope and new opportunity.

• Amitabh Bachchan Production Company failed but then he utilized the second chance in the form of KBC and made it big.

• There are many other famous people who failed at their first attempt but it is the second chance that provided them with victory.

• If the first marriage fails then people can opt for a second chance, opt for divorce and marry to someone else.

• People who won from cancer like Yuvraj Singh are blessed with the second chance to live a good life again.


• A student caught for cheating in exams will just face the punishment of expel without any option of second chance.

• Driving carelessly can just result in the accidents that can lead to the permanent physical injuries or death that is irreversible.

• Pouring money in the gambling and the stock market will destroy all the financial disciplines of life making it to zero.

• People can forgive you for the harsh words but they will not forget it and will close the doors of second chance for mending the relationships.

• Time and tide stops for none, and time once passed can never be bought again. The left over time can just be used.


Second chances are there in some cases, but in the other cases it is just the second choice. There is certainly a difference between chances and choices. A second chance is not the guarantee of going in the past and rectifying the mistakes. However, if tried people can create the second chances and put in their best efforts to get blessed with the good things of life.
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  • RE: There is always a second chance -Karan (06/20/14)
  • Again talking upon the datum since these involve real pragmatic talks, i personally have never experienced any second chance in my life. What would happen if a person is foretold about his 2nd chance that'd persist even after he fails his 1st chance?
    Did i use the word fail? then i should emphatically approach it by stating that it'd be overtoned for the word 'Fail' that has been render after unsuccessful 1st chance, oxford proves that atleast! So no second chance exists according to me~
  • RE: There is always a second chance -Deepa Kaushik (06/16/14)
  • The topic under discussion here is a matter of mere perception. If we visualize the statement in terms of time, then very clearly, the time once lost can never be regained. The first attempt may not be the final attempt, but we cannot reverse the thing that we have already done.

    We can get a second chance to amend our failures, or our mistakes; still the incorrect process of the first attempt leaves its scar, its remains behind. Again the time is the only healing factor which could lighten the scars, but that can never be vanished.

    We can project as many examples for people having won with their second chance. But nobody can deny the fact that their first failed attempt is still in the memory of the masses, who might overlook the mistakes, but can’t forget the same.

    With such an analysis, we can just reach the conclusion that we should do our best to utilize our second chance to subdue the ill-effects of our first failed attempts. The appropriate utilization of the available second opportunity could be the only sigh of relief.