There is never a Wrong Time to Do A Right Thing!

There is never a Wrong Time to Do A Right Thing!

Life is good but it is the people who find reasons and excuses to make it bad. Problems are there in everyone’s life, and will continue to stay but that doesn’t mean that people can blame the wrong time for not taking the right steps to change their life. It happens with most of the people. They blame the situations or circumstances for not taking the right actions. Are they really right? What do you think? Let us see what the two groups think on the statement: There is never a Wrong Time to Do the Right Thing!


• Right acts always bring fruitful results, and therefore they can be done without looking at time. Stop making excuses!

• Don’t think that your kids will dislike you if you place a limit on their usage of internet and tech0-devices. If you don’t, the future will be full of darkness for them.

• Narendra Modi has to come up with a strong budget without thinking of the populism of its government among the local masses.

• Narendra Modi invited Nawaz Sharif on the swearing in ceremony and proved that the right things can be done at any time.

• Don’t be afraid to take the risks when the aim is to explore more like people who want to become entrepreneurs. The decisions are delayed only by thinking that is it not the right time to take the action.

• Obese people keep on delaying their fitness plans by giving some or other excuse that falls under the wrong time. They should act, and not delay their plans.


• Right thing or wrong thing, every action yields a reaction, and sometimes right things done at the wrong time can yield negative results.

• People who are not satisfied with their jobs or are troubled with their bosses and working conditions cannot just do the right thing of resigning before securing another job.

• Marriage is considered a right thing that is vital in life, but that does not means it is a right thing to opt for child marriages.

• Just because life is uncertain and should be enjoyed doesn’t means that people can get away from their responsibilities and indulge in leisure at any time of their life.

• People who are in jobs need to think twice about their business plans, resources and feasibility of plans without taking actions. Risks are there but then they should be in defined limits.


If people take the excuse of wrong time, and keep delaying their actions, then certainly they are following a wrong path. They need to understand that time is not going to wait for anyone. It is today when they have to take the action for changing their fate. Wrong time is turned into good times by taking the required actions. However, a bit of planning is always advised before taking any course of action.
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  • RE: There is never a Wrong Time to Do A Right Thing! -Shikhar Malik (08/12/14)
  • Are people right in making themselves feel better by giving excuses and reasons why they were not able to do the right thing like standing up to a bully or is it true and right for them to believe that it is too late to do the right thing ?. I believe it is only our fear and cowardice which stops us from doing the right thing. And the only solution to not fall prey to the inveterate cowardice is to face it. I am a firm believer of the statement that "Fear is met and destroyed with courage". We can be apprehensive about our actions and capabilities to stand up to do the right thing by clinging on / moaning over our past cowardice experiences or we can take a higher stand over an issue and overcome the apprehensiveness within ourselves as well as help a friend in need by doing the right thing.
    I we believe that its too late and we expiate our wrongdoings to time then we will never be liberated from the gridlocked that we have confined our joviality to.
    Having said that , timing is indeed important. Doing the right thing at appropriate time accentuates the jovial results that come out of it.It accentuates the authenticity of our character in the eyes of others.If we consciously delay doing the right thing then it creates a bigger bundle then the original which negates the impact of doing the right action.

    Moreover thinking about doing the right thing delays the action. Hence we should concentrate more on doing the job rather then thinking over it.
    Only when we face our fears with agility and courage will we be able to steer out of our obfuscation within and think clearly of what lies ahead in life. So however selfish it may be but we should always try to do the right thing however long ot may have been.
  • RE: There is never a Wrong Time to Do A Right Thing! -shruti (08/03/14)
  • Yes, this is true that there is never a wrong time to do a right thing because the results of right act will always result in increasing welfare as a whole. But the timing of our actions matters. There is a trade-off between our actions and their results as our actions determine what result we are going to get. so if we are doing good thing at wrong time then also the consequence will be good but if right action is being taken at right time then result will get manifolded. Thus the opportunity to do right thing at right time should not be missed.
  • RE: There is never a Wrong Time to Do A Right Thing! -R. Mohit Haran (08/03/14)
  • There's an old adage that goes "its better late than never".. Because to do a morally right thing,one doesn't need a "right" time,all that is needed is the unequivocal commitment of the individual.And also,rather than thinking about whether or not it's the most appropriate time,people should be more concerned about the job itself and its impact upon people on a larger scale.
  • RE: There is never a Wrong Time to Do A Right Thing! -Shabbir Galeriya (07/12/14)
  • Yes it is true..when bad situation came in our life,we only blame on conditions and make excuses not to take decisions...we dont know that we are the only creators of bad situation. so instead of blaming on to the situaton try to find out the solutions and take some actions instead of thinking on that siuation...
  • RE: There is never a Wrong Time to Do A Right Thing! -Ashish Sharma (07/12/14)
  • This thing is totaly acceptable , that right things are result to positive mean but whatever you are trying will meanless no result was found because their is a fixed time which is already mention to begin with right time . Yes their is a lot of information you will get in the way in wrong time as well.
  • RE: There is never a Wrong Time to Do A Right Thing! -mounika.R (07/11/14)
  • hai everyone, i want to specify that there will be atime for everything. actually it can be
    applicable to every part of the life. for instance, walkin is very good thing as it is useful to
    both physical and mental fitness. but we can't do it in the late nights or at noon. so ,a specific time is given to every thing. we have to do that in that specific time. then only the thing we are
    doing will give fruitful results otherwise probably it may create ill efffects.
  • RE: There is never a Wrong Time to Do A Right Thing! -Deepa Kaushik (06/30/14)
  • Right things can’t give negative results, but to get the full benefit out of the task performed, one definitely need to check for the right time. Utilizing the approaching opportunity is the great art, and that itself explains the importance of timing to act smartly.

    Good virtues and positive approach to life is a act of bravery in itself. Many courageous people don’t dare to face the bitter truth and crude realities of life. They just keep waiting for the time to pass by, just to gain enough courage. But once the right time is missed, the things never get rightly set.

    It is understandable that a doctor can’t wait for saving the dying patient, but that is his right time to act. If the patient is not treated with the emergency medication immediately, he might collapse, but at the same time if the same physician urges for a surgery without looking to the health status of the patient, it might prove equally fatal for the patient.

    We can put forth a lot many examples, and the right things definitely yield their positive results, it is the right time which increases the benefits of the act multifold.