Thermal Power Generation: Steps for Improvement

Thermal Power Generation: Steps for Improvement

Question - Thermal power generation is the key to energy security. Discuss the recent steps taken by the Indian government to improve thermal power generation in the country.

Thermal power generation is a positive step forward for resolving the nation’s energy security needs. Some of the recent steps taken by the government to improve thermal power generation in the nation are as follows:

1. Reallocation of coal blocks cancelled by HC through auction/allotment

2. For power projects affected by short supply of gas, GoI has sanctioned a scheme for supply of imported sport RLNG to stranded gas based power plants and plants receiving domestic gas to the target PLF chosen through reverse e-bidding process

3. Financial support for the scheme through Power System Development Fund/PSDF

4. Renovation modernisation and life extension of old and ineffective generation units is an economic option for supplementing capacity addition

5. Total of 70 thermal generation units with total capacity of 12066 MW have been identified for LE works and 65 thermal generation units have been identified with aggregate capacity of 17301 MW for RM works during the 12th Plan

6. Strengthening of inter-intra state and inter-regional transmission capacity for optimal utilisation of power is another step

7. Another initiative taken by the government is to coordinate operation and maintenance of hydro, thermal, nuclear and gas based power stations to utilise current generation capacity

Facts and Stats

• Thermal power generation at all India level during 2014-2015 was 878.32 BU

• It was 792.47 BY during 2013-2014

• The thermal power generation sector has therefore experienced a growth rate of 10.83%

• To bridge the gulf between supply and demand, 88,537 MW additional capacity excluding 30,000 MW capacity addition from renewable sources has been added during the 12th Plan
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