Throw some light on things that lead to a good academic performance among the high-school children.

Some students perform brilliantly in their high school while some perform average and others poorly.

Throw some light on things that lead to a good academic performance among the high-school children.


There is a common saying; all fingers on our hand are not the same. Likewise, all students are different. Some do very well in studies, some get good marks, while some others do ‘badly’ (according to accepted academic norms). We need to understand that some students do well in their exams, while some others don’t. If everyone was to get a centum in all their subjects, then the teachers’ life would be much easier!

Steps to do well in exams

The level of intelligence, grasping power, and power of articulation is different for each person. Each person faces challenges differently. Likewise, as students, each of us has a different approach to preparing for exams. Some might be simply mugging their lessons by rote and producing it exactly in the paper. This could be giving them their good marks. However, it is important to be well prepared for facing exams not only for getting good marks, but also to face them confidently.

Listed below are some simple things to do well in academics:

• Follow a systematic schedule. Each day after classes, students should go through what has been taught in each subject, and complete the day’s homework. Every weekend, the student should run through the lessons taught in the entire week.

• Maintaining detailed notes. Students should record their lessons properly in their notes. Any doubts should be clarified immediately.

• Understanding the lessons properly. Students should not simply learn lessons by heart. They should properly understand the subject and concepts.

• Discussing doubts and important points with teachers. Most teachers are student-friendly and approachable. Students should ask their teachers whatever concept they have not understood.

• Discussing worries with friends and parents. Students need to understand that there is no problem without a solution. It is normal to feel tensed during exams, even if they are academically well prepared. They should seek out someone they trust, and discuss their fears with them. Sometimes, all we need is a reassurance from a loved one that things will work out well.

• Practicing breathing techniques and meditation. This is not only for calming the nerves, but also to improve concentration skills and memory power. Correct breathing improves the flow of oxygen to the blood, thus increasing the power of concentration, and enhanced memory. Regular exercise is also good for the body and mind.


With good preparation, it is very easy to face exams, and do well in academics. Students can also take help from tutors wherever required. However, it is better to follow a disciplined and systematic approach to academics. If students concentrate in class, and study a little daily, there is no need to go to private tutors to learn the same subjects again.
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