Tips to improve your productivity at work

Tips to improve your productivity at work

Employee productivity is the driving force behind a company’s progress and viability. To comprehend a profitable enterprise it is vital to comprehend how productivity works.

Employee productivity is fundamentally reliant on the establishment’s ethos and value system. The dynamics that affect the productivity of an employee may not only differ from company to company but will also depend upon the circumstances faced by the employee.

Therefore a company needs to perform a thorough internal analysis for the factors that are affecting the performance and the productivity of the employee. Although certain factors are common which are prevalent in reducing the productivity of the employee? Some of those factors have been discussed in the article below.

Significance of Productivity:

Productivity straight away distresses a corporation’s revenue. When employees are prolific they achieve more in a lesser time. In turn, their adeptness protects their organization’s finances in time and labour. When employees are fruitless, they take elongated time to complete the assignments, which costs the proprietors more currency due to loss of time.

Causes of low productivity:

Productivity is concomitant to employee morale. When employees are contented at work they have augmented levels of enthusiasm, which in turn intensifies productivity. Reduced morale causes employees to be detached from the work that they do.

Importance of productivity:

Productivity for employees is imperative as if you complete your job efficiently will help in the establishment's development. If the corporation nurtures and improves, revenues will intensify. When profits in the company are on upsurge, not only the top management is happy but also will they employ more people and give promotions to those doing a good job and escalate the reimbursements for them. If employees are stakeholders in the company they will get another set of doles as their stakes will be worth more. Productivity is imperative for a company's existence.

Factors affecting employee productivity:

• Expectations of the manager: If the expectations of the manager are too high then because of undue pressure employee is not able to perform effectively hence reducing his productivity.

• Motivation: If you are unable to motivate your employees, then they will lose interest in working hence affecting their productivity. Motivation can be in any form, be it financial imbursements or appraisals and promotions or acknowledgement of their work.

• Salary: If the employee feels he is being paid less against the work that he is been performing, is a major factor that he loses interest in doing work effectively.

• Performance Management System: If you are not effectively evaluating the employees performance, or maybe you are being partial in evaluating then the employees again lose interest and feel dejected for the work that they have been doing.

Tips to enhance employee productivity:

1. Favourable working environment:

The corporeal working environments that are provided to employees are the most important influential element affecting the performance of an employee. Based on a number of studies, the performance of the employees is grounded on the lighting conditions, temperature, and the working hours. The outcome of the research displays that comfortable working conditions and contentedly premeditated tools help employees execute for elongated epochs with reduced anxiety levels. Whereas, corporal uneasiness can cause employees to lose interest in their work, so much so that they can’t even meet their basic productivity necessities.

2. Money is not the only criteria:

We all know that money is one aspect that time and again stimulates relatively to everybody but not all. Even though you can persuade an individual with money for some time but then later they again recourse to the old ways of not executions. Although just by increasing monetary benefits for employees but could be expensive for the organization and hence is not a viable option for long term purposes.

3. Flexibility:

The organization should be adequately malleable to accomplish the employee’s inevitabilities without conceding onto their productivity. As long as the organization provides flexible working hours and the employees are completing those many working hours effectively along with completion of their work, a company should not have too many problems if at times they leave early or come in late to the office. This could release your employees from a lot of anxiety and help them accomplish a better work-life balance. For example: if a single mother has to take care of her kids and is unable to do because of the working conditions, she will not be able to perform and you will see a reduce in the productivity of the employee.

4. Variety is the spice of life:

Everybody gets bored of the monotonous routine and hence needs variety not only in their personal life but also in their official work space. Although it’s not possible at all times to allocate new-fangled or different types of work to employees, there are ways of conveying in some variation and innovation in their day-to-day undertakings. For example, you could keep the employees on rotational basis, i.e. you can change their departments from time to time, or may be shifting them to a different team in the same department, change in their projects from time to time.

5. Vibrant teams:

In all corporate structures, whether they follow a flat structure organization or a tall structure you ought to work in teams. It is the responsibility of the management to select the correct mix of people for the team to be able to perform effectively. You should have a right mix of people in the team i.e. the teams should have both set of introverts and extroverts. The ideal mix of people should be of all types so that each employee gets to learn from each other and are able to work on their all skills as well.

6. Direction and compassionate leadership:
Employees should be advised, steered, and educated when in need. They should be capable to recount on to their role models within the organization. Employees must recognize whom to approach when they need succour. The mentors should be aware that their subordinates will make mistakes and they have to rectify those mistakes.
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