Tips to manage your time effectively for Civil Services Interview preparation

Tips to manage your time effectively for Civil Services Interview preparation

Time management is the key to good preparation and ultimate success in every field of life, including main exams and interviews for civil services. One might believe that it all depends on how much free time you have for the preparations but it could not prove to be useful if you do not plan ahead and utilize the time properly. Aspirants of civil services have often blamed time factor for preparations when they failed to score well in the interview. Even very busy working people have been able to crack the test and the interview by following a dynamic time management strategy.

Here are some time management tips that can of great help for those who are expecting to face the civil services interview in near future:

Begin early

Time and tide waits for none and so do opportunities. Remind yourself that you are not going to let go of this opportune moment and begin the preparations right from the time of the main examinations when you have ample time ahead. Even if you are a busy person, you will have to take out at least an hour each day for the interview preparations too.

Effective planning

Plan your routine for the week or the day in advance. Allot adequate time to important tasks as well as those that are small but necessary, ensuring that you keep on updating them with progressive approach. For instance, if you are preparing for the main examination, you can allot more time for those preparations and an hour or two towards interview preparations.

Utilize all the time that you get

Utilize even small proportions of time that you get while travelling from home to office or to your institute. This also applies to the chunks of time you get during tea and lunch breaks or while waiting for bus/train. You might think that these are too small time durations for concentrating on reading books or journals but you have to remember that these small time durations are all that you have to get yourself ready to face the toughest interview of your life and the most fruitful one indeed if you make through it. Carry study materials like the magazine you are following or the newspaper while on the go and go through them whenever you get time. Reading articles on Smartphone or tablet is also a convenient way to utilize time. If you feel that you are not able to concentrate on a new study material in these places, you can consider revising your notes and highlighted areas of previously read articles. Many people are of the view that it is easier to revise what you have already read at places that are not so calm than trying to focus on something new.

Stay healthy and calm

Utilizing all the time that you can make out for the preparations never means that you do it at the cost of health. You must eat well and take adequate sleep of at least 7-8 hours every day. Go for early morning walks to stay active and other exercises to ensure that you do not get drowsy. Meditation or yoga is a great way to stay calm and focused. This can ensure hassle free thought process and clear mind. Allot some time of the day especially during morning for meditations. It can also help you in improving concentration level and getting rid of anxiety, mental tensions and even nervousness of facing the unknown. If you have never before done any form of yoga or meditation, it is never too late and you can begin the very minute you know you want to. Whenever you feel you are unable to concentrate or focus on any one subject, you can simply sit down with eyes closed and try relaxing the stressed parts of you. Take deep breaths and gradually try making it even and relaxed. If you know people or professionals who can aid you with meditation, go ahead and utilize it for good.

Keep away from distractions

While utilizing television or internet for preparations, it is very easy to get trapped into distraction while surfing for the useful material. Avoid wasting time in surfing useless channels or websites. This also applies to people who can distract you into useless stuffs – keep away from them until the interview is done. Concentrate on your objective and never let it fall for time consuming distractions like video games or television soaps. This is not an easy task to do when you know that you can easily catch up with them. You need determination and strong will to keep away from wasting any time that you could dedicate towards making your preparations stronger and better instilling confidence in you.
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