Too much of privacy to children turns them into asocial beings.

Too much of privacy to children turns them into asocial beings.

We all know the human beings are social animals but the scene is changing among the current generation kids where privacy has become an important factor. But how much privacy is enough for children? Is it apt to give that much privacy to children? What are the effects of giving privacy to children?

Meeting with new people and interaction amongst the same age group is an integral part for the development of the child. Today children have confined themselves to their rooms and computers but are it helping them or are isolating them all the more. Initially, there were joint families and not those huge houses were built for each child to get a separate room. They all had to share one room which built emotional bonding as well as a nature of sharing; whereas most parents today prefer to have one child and hence already they do not have siblings and over and above that if you give them too much of privacy and freedom to do what they want to, at the end of the day they will be isolated with no bunch of friends left with them.

It is highly important to keep a track of what your child is doing on a daily basis, if he is keeping himself busy through internet, then what are the sites he is visiting, who are his friends, etc. If there are guests over place, if he is not ready to meet them, you have to force your child to sit and interact with people. Take your kid out for various family functions so that he meets and creates a bonding with his family members and cousins. Usually when a child enters teenage, there are lot of things which are bothering the child, for example peer pressure, bodily changes, mood swings and hence they prefer privacy. But if at that stage you give them privacy in extreme, not interfering in what they are doing or interacting with them, might lead them to a wrong path with the wrong bunch of friends or they may completely isolate them. As per the statistics, we find more and more children attempting suicides, one of the major concerns for this is giving too much privacy to children which leave ill effects on the mind of the child.

It is important to give some privacy to the child, but as it is said anything done in extreme has ill -effects to be Bourne at a later stage. Hence it is necessary for the parents to keep a track on their children and inculcate the habit of meeting and socialising, be it with family, cousins or friends. This habit of mingling with others has to be inculcated right from a very young age in the child. If the child by nature is an introvert, then maybe you can put your child into some communication skill classes or any extra – curricular activities so that they meet the maximum number of people and might one day overcome their fears and limitations.
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  • RE: Too much of privacy to children turns them into asocial beings. -Deepa Kaushik (04/22/14)
  • More than privacy it is the lack of time with the parents, that is turning children asocial day by day. Parents try to keep their kids aside to complete their tasks at home and soon after finishing, they rush on with the official works. Maximum families having both parents working, and many couples today prefer to have single child to manage sufficient resources in today’s high cost of living.

    With such a scenario, children get to adjust with their loneliness which they cover up into the term of “privacy”. The distance maintained by the parents for their comfort is very soon taken advantage by the children as privacy and freedom. They fail to interact with their own parents.

    We can hardly find children out on the parks playing, or having outdoor activities. From games, education, chatting, friendship, to the extent of shopping, they prefer sitting in front of internet accomplishing their tasks. This is the main disadvantage, the Internet, which has turned the kids asocial. They don’t prefer visiting friends or relatives and many a times avoid any social gathering, as they are very happy with their idiot box.

    This Internet bonding could be avoided only if the parents devote ample time with their kids and impart them the value of relatives and friends.