Traditions are an obstacle to progress

Traditions are an obstacle to progress

If the people will go ahead and compare the traditions of the Judeo-Christian, Muslims or even the Western World, they will find that traditions sometimes prove to be contradictory in light of modern science. They look superstitious and primitive. Even many people advocate that the dogmatic traditions and beliefs should be cleared from the economy and society for the welfare of entire human race. What do you think? Are traditions an obstacle to progress?

• Sati system was a tradition that made the women die with the husband. If it had continued now, the country would have lost many talented women,

• Superstitions are run under the name of traditions like sneezing before the start of the work can lead to failure of work.

• Traditions tell that women should wear Indian dresses; they should treat the husbands as God and so on. People moved on from the old traditions and that’s why women are an equal earning partner in today’s life.

• Religion is a part of tradition, and the present day politicians are just using the tools to impede the growth of the country.

• Racism is a kind of tradition followed in many countries. Obama broke the racial barriers to become the first black US president.


• Elimination of traditions does not lead to progress but inclusion of knowledge and education that sharpens the skill sets lead to progress.

• How can traditions become the obstacles to the success as they are the basic foundation of today’s development?

• There are many Arabic countries that are doing well on economic front even after following their conservative traditions.

• Progress comes with the intense feeling of healthy competition. Just some conservative traditions cannot impede the progress of any section.

• It is the tradition that in a way has given way to the globalization. Traditions tell to accept everyone and treat all the cultures with respect.


Traditions reflect the main fundamentals of any culture and society. They cannot be called as an obstacle in the way of progress. There are times when people just need to differentiate between the traditions and superstitions. Traditions bring people together and create a cultural atmosphere in every country. However, it is essential for the people to let go the superstitions and social dogmas to have a perspective beyond the traditional beliefs and practices. The middle way will allow following the traditions and at the same time there will no obligation to stick to the unnecessary beliefs or practices of past times.
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  • RE: Traditions are an obstacle to progress -Kumkum (09/20/21)
  • traditions are good to the society it is good written here (above) well superstions should be abolished so that our traditions will go on and progress too ...
  • RE: Traditions are an obstacle to progress -ayaa6676 (08/31/21)
  • please write more for no
  • RE: Traditions are an obstacle to progress -Messsi sudipto (08/11/18)
  • Yes they are an obstacle to progress. During the struggle for independence since all people had united ireespective of their religion the british left india
  • RE: Traditions are an obstacle to progress -mounika.R (07/16/14)
  • hai everyone, actually according to my view traditions are like thread that bind everyone
    together. but in olden days people used this thread like death rope. they introduced
    sati sahagamana, child marriages and also arrested women in the houses in the name of our tradition. but those are not our traditions. our indian tradition serves all equally with love and care. it makes everyone feel proud. i want to conclude that traditions are like steps to climb up. it cant be an obstacle for anyone progress. the thing we have to do is to distinguish between tradition and superstition. if everyone accept and love their traditions then the country will fill with joy and also progress.
  • RE: Traditions are an obstacle to progress -Vrishti Chaturvedi (07/16/14)
  • India has been seen as a nation of pious and progressive traditions.Here,when a new life originates,it is welcomed by a traditional way,and he/she is believed to pave the way for a bright future by simply following the traditions of his community.But this does not project that the traditions he follows or believes can obstruct his way to his progress in life.Life is an another name of balance.One can achieve anything, one wants to have, even by following the traditions.But one should have the guts to have a desired change in the traditions,if they seems to obstruct the way of progress.Change is the part of life,and positive change is always welcomed.One can not justify himself to be traditional if one believes in superstitions.There's a huge difference between traditions and superstitions.Being a citizen of such a country where traditions are deeply rooted in the culture,we can not run away from the fact that traditions are meant to develop moral values as a part of one's personality.But superstitions are not anyway accepted.
    So i must say that not traditions,but superstitions are the obstacles in progress!
  • RE: Traditions are an obstacle to progress -pratik Ranjan (07/16/14)
  • Tradition doesnt encircle few practices like Sati pratha n all.... it carries huge responsibilities of teaching kids about the Family Values, way to treat women and bring up a society which empowers the powerless, respect the fellows and live life......progress goes hand in hand with the Traditions as if you grow positive traditionally then you are quite well equipped to tackle tradition and accept the progressive growth and changes in the society......ew talk about Edison and Bell to Invent Modern equipments....we Infuse in the child about mythological stories like Arjuna Piercing Fish's eye looking at the water bed!!..... how fish moved in circles whoz reflection is there in water bed!! definitely some fulcrum and machine working behind the was advanced in mahabharata age!! so my only conclusion is, we teach the traditions to kids along with the importance of Progress in terms of Science/society/growth/knowledge..... highly beneficial for the coming societies!!!!
  • RE: Traditions are an obstacle to progress -Deepa Kaushik (07/14/14)
  • Before going on to the discussion whether traditions are an obstacle, we need to understand the difference between tradition and superstition. Traditions are the rituals followed in the society since older days that have a justified explanation. Though many of us don’t know the explanations for many of our customs and traditions, still we blindly follow them cursing every bit of it to be a superstitious belief. We don’t even try to know the meanings behind these traditions.

    If we can understand the true meanings of the traditions, then they might not seem to be an obstacle. Thinking makes the things good or bad. It’s our perception that makes us feel the traditions to be obstacles. In case we find the same tradition having a justified reason to be followed, we will boldly demonstrate the same in front of the world. Then the same tradition which seemed to be an obstacle to the progress will find a meaningful journey to travel around the globe.

    Rather than calling the traditions as obstacle, we need to accept the fact that our lack of knowledge makes us coward, as we couldn’t provide a rational explanation for the traditions when asked by anyone. It is a normal human tendency to portray our brilliance and expertise with a very confident outlook; conversely, we try to hush up our inefficiency with a sheepish smile and terming the same as an obstacle to our progress. Thus, to be factual, traditions do carry much relevance in practical world, which need to be explored, accepted and understood.