TRAI Customer Satisfaction Survey: Implications for TSPs

TRAI Customer Satisfaction Survey: Implications for TSPs

Question : The quality of TSPs in India varies considerably. Discuss in the light of the recent Customer Satisfaction Survey by TRAI.

Survey was conducted with respect to the following:

- Basic Telephone Service (Wire line),

- Cellular Mobile Telephone Service and

- Broadband Service.

Survey questionnaire on quality of service parameters assessed consumer perception of TSPs with respect to the following dimensions :

- Provision of operation services

- Billing performance

- Help/ assistance services including customer grievance redressal

- Network overall performance, reliability and availability

- Maintainability of networks

- Supplementary and value added services

- Overall quality of service

- Satisfaction of customers was assessed on a scale of 1-7 where 4-7 denotes levels of customer satisfaction and score below 4 indicated dissatisfaction

- Survey showed that satisfaction level varies from one service to another

- Survey also found that satisfaction level varies from one service provider to another

Survey for assessing impact of regulations pertaining to grievance redressal mechanism, implementation of MNP and UCC regulation was also conducted. The following parameters were used:

- Registration for blocking unsolicited commercial calls/SMSs (Basic/Cellular)

- Satisfaction on effectiveness of blocking of unsolicited commercial calls/SMSs (Basic/Cellular)

- Satisfaction on ease of lodging the complaint and action taken on the complaint lodged

- Awareness about the grievance redressal mechanisms and satisfaction with manner in which the complaint was handled in consumer care

- Consumers’ appeal to Appellate Authority and Satisfaction with manner in which the appeal was addressed as well as utilization of Mobile Number Portability service: (Cellular)

- Satisfaction with information provided under Fair Usage policy and facility to measure the broadband connection speed (In case of Broadband)

- Results revealed that TSPs need to increase consumer awareness about grievance redressal mechanisms including awareness of appellate authority to enhance customer satisfaction

Facts and Stats

TRAI has recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey for assessment of service quality by TSPs and collection of customer views through survey for assessment of the following:

- Implementation and effectiveness of numerous regulations directions as well as orders issued in the interests of consumers by TRAI

- Customer perception of service provided by TSPs from October 2014 to March 2015

Survey was carried out in the following areas:

- North Zone: Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, and Uttar Pradesh (East &West)

- East Zone: West Bengal, North East, Bihar & Jharkhand

- West Zone: Mumbai and Rest of Maharashtra

- South Zone: Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
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